Frontier 25 - Jurassic World Evolution Community Activity

I've Released 200 Stegosaurus my park just now and I released all of them with five different skins

Steppe Pattern
I'm halfway there with the same skin idea.

At the moment I got a large park at Isla Nublar Sandbox with two Gyrospehere attractions involved.
It's football all the way. [big grin]
Decided to kick off my contribution to the event by pumping out a whopping 1,000 Stegos in one day! I'm rather chuffed with myself, I may make more over the next few days but it'll highly depend on whether I have the patience to go through all of this again lol. Getting sick of seeing Stegos for one day though so definitely gonna take a well deserved break from stego making lmao 😂.
I may have done my part, but the damage is done. For as long as I live, these words will continuously echo throughout my mind, haunting me...

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are pleased to welcome a Stegosaurus to the park"
I've finished mt goal of having 250 Stegosaurus(es) in all the five different skins.

At the end, I threw in all skin variants of the Stegoceratops, Kentasaurus and other Stegosauruslike dino's. :)
Park is filled with 279 dino's now.
I beefed mine for tolerance - but made almost no difference - meant I couldn't beef up capacity and speed. - Got to a limit of about 60 and they were killing each other. It says releases though so... the steg on steg carnage continue :) I ended up with two large communities at different ends of the huge paddock I added to my last game - cool how the herding works in an overcrowding-heavy environment - thanks Frontier.
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