Ships Frontier can you please make the weapon targeting reticles independent of the canopy glass?

It seems that all other HUD elements are either holographic or are displayed on the REMlok visor. Why do our weapon reticles have to be displayed on the canopy glass?

From a lore perspective it makes no sense. Any combat vessel manufacturer would immediately see this as a huge design flaw, and, given the level of technology in 3305, would quickly overhaul it.

From a gameplay perspective it makes even less sense. Given the fact that canopies cannot be engineered, and that they have a low integrity to start, it's incredibly common for a single lucky shot to rupture the canopy. It's true that they can be repaired via AFMUs, however in my experience my canopy typically gets ruptured in a single volley, which then makes the AFMU useless.

This is a really absurd and obnoxious feature that truly has no reason to be. How hard would it be for you guys to just allow the canopy and aiming reticles to be two separate things? Plenty of other HUD elements exist without any 'canopy glass' to display them.
I run 2 mrps and still have my canopy consistently one shotted.

Also yes it is a HUD, but every cmdr has a remlok helmet that automatically activates when the canopy is breached. Why can't this act as a 'canopy' for the hud to be displayed? Also what about all the other HUD elements that seem to just 'float' in the cockpit (radar, comms, pips, etc.)? Those aren't displayed on any canopy.
These are all in-universe reasons, but gameplay-wise it is a coin toss mechanic that breaks the flow of the game.

Having your canopy rupture should be a life-support concern not a weapons concern.
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It's because Video Game. A shattered canopy is a gameplay mechanic to build tension. Can you get back to station without your HUD, before your air runs out?

Whether or not it succeeds in this tension-building is up to the individual player.
A shattered canopy is a gameplay mechanic to build tension. Can you get back to station without your HUD, before your air runs out?
Well if you are running 25 min of O2 its not very tense. Its typically extremely easy to make it back to the nearest station in 25 min.

The addition of a count down timer certainly adds to the tension of a fight, but if you are running fixed weapons and fighting other cmdrs in PvP, then the loss of your canopy is essentially a game over. Instead of adding tension it completely interrupts what could have been a great fight. And its not even a skill based thing to boot. It's a random chance. You could be winning and then take an unlucky shot and be rendered completely useless. And before anyone says "oh just git gud at aiming without your reticle," please fight me with fixed weapons and no HUD.

Now consider that the aiming reticle is still displayed when your canopy is blown. Now you can continue to have a good fight (because you can actually shoot back) with the added tension of a count down timer.
PvP fights? Cause if so I would really like to see some evidence.
What else? Won't offer that evidence, because I won't ever do public videos. But if you've fought with efficient PAs, you are aware that they are best used point blank, so we're not talking about a hit 2 km out there, but melee. My Vultures canopy nearly always breaks around 20% hull so the fight is nearly over at that point. But I do wonder what kind of ship you are using? Are you using very small mrp? This is meant as a honest question, because I've never experienced a canopy breach to be occurring without the fight being nearly over in regard to hull strength.
But I do wonder what kind of ship you are using? Are you using very small mrp?
I typically fly an FAS with 2 mrps. To be honest I dont get my canopy blow out very often. But when it happens it sucks because it pretty much ends the fight. I've certainly lost my canopy to one lucky PA volley when my hull is at like 70% and that really annoys me because trying to hit good pilots in other medium ships is extremely difficult without a lead reticle.

Again they don't happen often but it's just annoying to have to call a fight because of a random mechanic like that. Its not possible to directly target the canopy so any hits it takes are purely luck, and I've had enough of slot machines thanks to OG engineers.
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