FRONTIER COMMUNITY SUPPORT - A person, or a team, assigned to look daily at ideas and provide a brief response.


I'd like to recommend you set aside a person, or small group of folks, to review the suggestions posted in this forum for at least an hour a day - providing a brief response. Feedback to suggest that an idea may be under consideration, may be too much effort to develop, or is just so unrealistic that it should never be suggested ever again, would be greatly appreciated.

Currently, you're providing no feedback whatsoever. It appears that the 'Suggestions' sub-forum is pretty useless, and is paid no attention to whatsoever; If that's the case, I suggest you remove the suggestions sub-forum and stop stringing people along.


EDIT: How about live-stream time to discuss some of the suggestions (more frequent/popular)?
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Your definition of polite and mine differ somewhat
Um, very good. Nice to know.

I'd prefer some kind of response. And, I don't think setting aside an hour a day is too much to ask.
You know this section of the forum is the equivalent of a corporate suggestions box, right?

Every month, someone comes along, empties it out and thanks you all for your meaningful comments and assures you that they are continually looking at ways to improve the customer experience and ... 😴
To what 'lie' do you refer. It's not difficult to comment on ideas as to whether they're good or bad, plausible or implausible. :rolleyes:
Of course not. But would it be productive?

The mega-thread on the FSS did get a reply (it said they weren't going to do it) which didn't really change anything in terms of how people interacted with the thread.

Very few ideas stated here (including mine, of course) are implementable as-is. An idea can both be bad and implausible in terms of actually putting it in game but still give Frontier useful information about areas of the game which are causing frustration for players and an idea for a good and plausible way to solve the same problem, so it's not in their interests to shut off discussion that way. (And we all know there are posters who would try to shut down any future discussion in that direction with "Frontier said this was a bad idea, stop wasting time suggesting it")

Conversely they never said that the idea I suggested here a few times to have hints and tips on the "spinning ship" screen was either good or plausible. But they didn't need to, because implementing it is a pretty good clue. (And it doesn't actually matter if they implemented it because I suggested it here, because someone else suggested it elsewhere, or because it had been on their roadmap for years anyway and they'd finally got round to it regardless of player suggestions)
I think that suggestions forum is a place for clients who just want to speak.
And nothing actually considered for implementation.
Just because the client do not produce the game.
As an example, neither book writer will ask readers for suggestions. The writer is a professional which already know how to write books.
From this point of view assigning team to struggle with suggestions is kind of redundant.
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