ANNOUNCEMENT Frontier Developments Celebrating 25 Years!

Will Flanagan

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It's Frontier's 25th Anniversary and we'll be celebrating all month... and we want you to celebrate with us too!

Over this next month, we've got a great deal of activities for you to get involved in as we celebrate 25 years of creating great games. We'll be taking you on a trip down memory lane as we cycle back through the rich catalogue of Frontier games, revealing fun facts that you might not have known about our earlier titles, give away exclusive items, run celebratory livestreams and unlock in-game goodies for our communities across Elite Dangerous, Planet Coaster and Jurassic World Evolution!

Fun Facts
Follow us on our Frontier Developments Twitter and Facebook page to keep on top of all our anniversary celebrations - including fun facts about our games from the last 25 years!

Join us on our Frontier Developments Twitch channel every Friday. We'll be playing through some of our older releases with special dev guests and share insights behind the games of our past!

What's a birthday party without gifts? Keep a keen eye across our Frontier Developments channels as we'll be giving away copies of our current games, as well as DLCs and other great goodies!

Community Activities
We firmly believe that the Frontier community is the greatest - especially when you all come together. For the last week of our anniversary, we're setting you a little challenge across Elite Dangerous, Planet Coaster and Jurassic World Evolution to unlock some in-game rewards - more details coming soon!

You can read more about them here:

We'll be updating this thread as the anniversary proceeds, so be sure to check back for information about upcoming livestreams, giveaways and Community Activities!

We would also like to take a moment to thank our community (you guys!) for all the support and passion you have shown in these last 25 years, leading us to ever-expanding horizons. So, from everyone here at Frontier Developments, thank you!
Congratulations to Frontier and David Braben on 25 years!

Are there any plans to make "Frontier: Elite 2" and "Frontier: First Encounters" available on the FD store like happened with Elite on its 25th birthday?

These two titles were once available from the long-lost "Elite Club" website as shareware - send £5 to Saxon Farm(!) to register after 30 days - it'd be great it they could be made easily available to all, in celebration of them being FD's first titles!
Great, I'm looking forward to it! [yesnod]
Your Facebook also stated "news and information from the studio". Will we get news about the upcoming updates as well? A date for a possible Frontier Expo ? :D


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Toku party time!

I'll save my congratulations for the end of the month ;) but I'm looking forward to the celebrations.

The 25th anniversary would also be a great time to announce the next Frontier game and to release the beans about what's coming to Elite in 2019 !!! :D
Congratulations on the first 25yrs here's looking forward to the next!

Well done to Frontier for providing all the fun I have had so far and wait with anticipation for the future content.

Many Thanks
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