General / Off-Topic Frontier Forums is Tumblr in disguise

Bloody peasant, Whiskey should only be drunk from a wine glass that was hot rolled on a virgins thighs, i think?
Loving some solitude and Whiskey, hmm...?

Sorry old chap. I just HAD to! :D :D
Meaning: absolutely in jest, in case someone watching the thread thinks I'm insulting Thelion here - no I'm not, this is in the spirit/context of the thread ;)
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I've been looking for a social platform to discuss some real life topics, and ironically the Frontier Forums have become a gold standard of sorts. I like that I can create a "dear diary" thread and share my adventures with like-minded people and get their feedback, including the ability to upload and share images and format text, etc. I like that I can build a profile of sorts based on my various posts in any and all threads. I like that the moderators are not heavy-handed (something IIRC that Reddit suffers from), so my content is relatively safe from censorship. I like that I can remain anonymous, unlike Facebook. Obviously this forum is somewhat niche, even with an "off-topic" section, so I'm looking at things like Reddit (albeit with some hesitation) and MeWe and who knows what else is out there, but I will hold these platforms up against this forum which may be my favorite social network at this time.
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