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I think its time for some lighthearted japery. Things are getting a little too grim for my liking.

The challenge: Name a type of post or thread, and then link the song.

I'll go first.

Post type: When someone tries to psychoanalyse an individual based on their actions in a computer game.

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New Account Trollbaiters posting anything to start an argument (they seem to be on the rise lately)

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When a planned feature gets re-tuned due to feedback from the "other" faction:


- - - Updated - - -

A Deep Space Explorer returns after an epic voyage and posts a show reel of pictures:

For when a salt addicted grief-troll starts a thread about how awesome they are for blowing up sidewinders, with the poorly disguised subtext of 'give me attention'

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After spending too much time reading Dangerous discussion section on the forum.
When you start a thread that turns into a war about something entirely unrelated


So, there's a love post. OP praises Frontier, the game and the first replies jump in to say how nice, to see a positive thread. Get in quick! Salty forum gankers are never far behind ...

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