Frontier Funfair Competition Winners!

Edward Lewis1

Hi coaster friends!

Thanks to all who participated in our Fabulous Frontier Funfair competition; we got loads of gorgeous-looking vintage parks and were blown away by your creativity.

We've picked the winners and have a beautifully retro top 10 to present to you; they were shown in tonight's livestream at 7PM BST on YouTube. All winners will also be contacted and receive a special Vintage-themed poster from us.
You can see the stream here:


Frontier's Marvelous Luna Park, by Wuzel

Luna Park, by Gshot-GP

Pixel Pier, by PixelWess89

Planetorama, by Rudi Rennkamel

Oak Valley Fall Fair, by Dynnao

Seven Seas Fair, by Coastercad

Cyprus Springs, by Jbprofessor010

Fabulous Frontier Funfair, by Indemix

Gladsome Park, by KayRubix

Pier Park, by Dwan Alker

We've added two additional winners who were just too fabulous not to include!

Peacock - The Flower Funfair, by Anigmandra

Smoggy Heights, by _Fog
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Heartfelt thank you Frontier - your team is the inspiration for my park.
Australia had three Luna Park's,
1) in Adelaide (now gone),
2) in Sydney (still operating) and
3) In Melbourne - (still operating) and opened in 1912. Mine is inspired by Melbourne's and I grew up going there regularly.

The parks Scenic Railway is the oldest continually operating roller coaster in the world. It has been thrilling guests since 1912 and is still running with its hand carved dragon head carriages and is BRILLIANT - Would love this type of coaster in game.

Thanks again for inspiring and creating for us, and I feel honoured to receive such an awesome gift from your team, will get this framed, warm regards G
Thanks again frontier team! And congrats to all the other winners! There's was a lot of ingenious and creative designs! Like the framed park and turtleback one.

I'm humbled to be among all these imaginative creations compared to my subdued traditional styled park!

I will certainly frame the poster!

Thanks again!
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