Frontier Meet PAXEast 2018: Experience, Photos

Note: If you attended the recent Frontier meet at PAX EAST 2018 please feel free to post your pictures and thoughts in this thread (I hope to post more pictures after I get them from my co-hosts phone lol...)

This past Thursday evening I had the pleasure of attending Frontier's Community Meet-up in Boston and wanted to share my thoughts as well as extend my thanks.

First, if you've never met anyone from Frontier in person let me tell you that in the two FDev Meets I've attended Frontier's staff is as welcoming, friendly, and customer centered as they appear in their livestreams and official posts here on the forum.

At this year's event we got a chance to chat it up with Ed, Will, and Brent Brett, and imo Frontier couldn't have sent three better staff members and they should be very proud of them as they did an excellent job representing the company.

I know working events like these on behalf of your employer isn't easy, as in my previous job of twenty five years I often had to do it myself when our company hosted hundreds of customers at Rockwell events (non-gaming related.)

I was a little disappointed that we didn't get any type of reveal, as I would have loved to get some juicy behind the scenes info! But as Ed said in his short speech, it was a Frontier "community" meet-up held during PAX.

As far as the venue, I think it worked well again this year, aside from the queuing area where we waited to get into the meeting space. And as expected whenever there is an open bar, the lines at times were quite long.

I will add that some of us felt the music was a little loud, making it difficult to chat. At points I had to either ask folks to repeat themselves, or just nod while I strained to hear the conversation.

As far as my fellow attendees, after not having met many folks last year, this year I made it a point to try to meet as many people as possible.

Overwhelmingly the folks I met were awesome, and almost everyone was playing Elite with Commanders from the PC, XBOX, and PS4 all present.

Oddly, I also met a few people that didn't play any Frontier games, but I won't speculate to why they were there.

Now if you've ever seen my livestreams, you know when I'm in gaming mode it's all about having a good time and lots of laughs.

And that I did, even hitting the dance floor at one point in an attempt to elicit some laughs (mission accomplished btw!)

I know not every appreciates that type of levity and may even find it annoying, but I figured if you've spent literally hundreds of dollars to travel to Boston for a meet-up, you might as well have a good time!

And I had a great time meeting and talking to everyone!

From Ed, Will, Brett from Frontier, to O3iJ3ff, Edward Perry (Ghost Giraffe), Capt_Flint, Milo, and so many other steamers and fellow Frontier Development fans :-D

To everyone I met, please feel free to friend me here, and in-game where I'm Greylock3491 on all platforms :-D

Fly Safe Fellow Commanders!

Greylock of The Gamers Show

Greylock3491 on PC, XBOX, PS4, Steam, Etc
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Ive never done one of these events, yet I did it 4 times when I played eve...Ill have to get round to one of them sometime but it means leaving the house...

Brett C

My name is now Brent C. I will let Ed know of this change. ;)

In all seriousness though, I quite enjoyed meeting many commanders, putting names to the faces! It was also great to see folks that play planet coaster, and a few who are waiting for JWE to be released come to the meet. Also was great to see many folks that don't play our games come and see what all the hype was about.

I was able to overcome the urge to mindlessly dance, because that was the beer talking at that point. :p
My name is now Brent C. I will let Ed know of this change. ;)
Just be glad your name doesn't end in an "a" - up here in the Northeast we'd replace those with "er". Lisa becomes "Lee sirr", Soda is "Sooo dir", and so on lol

Oh and if it ends in an "er" we change it to end with an "a" like Barber become Barba, Counter become Counta, Camper becomes Campa, etc.

I was able to overcome the urge to mindlessly dance, because that was the beer talking at that point. :p
Well done.

Having hosted customers at trade show hospitality suites for over 25 years, I know even if you wanted to you can't let your hair down when you work for the company hosting the event. But it is fun to be the customer for a change :)
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