Frontier please add animations for boarding ships and have the ability to walk around in our cockpits.

Ship Interiors (if they're coming) will have to be a separate DLC. There's no way the X-Box One or PS4 could cope with the extra workload needed.

FDevs only mistake (regarding this) was saying that ship Interiors won't be available 'at Launch!', which seemed to imply that it might be coming as part of Odyssey at a later point.
Like the title says, elite needs some form of ship interior, it's far from full ship interiors however, it's something that seems easier for Fdev to do, due to the cockpits being already modelled and most if not all have doors at the back of the cockpit, just make the blue circle teleport us to that door; then allow us to sit in the chair by an animation.

Little bit more work but I think it'll help with the backlash elite has taken as of late, have animations for boarding ships and SRVs, I felt like this was missing from odyssey and It's not full ship interiors but it's stepping stone to the real thing.
Don't worry, David Braben's right with you.

Which has to be the most baffling aspect. We can't get interiors because "boring and repetitive" but we can run a football field every time we board our M/L ship from a station. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.
Neither add anything of significance, one takes considerably less development time. Sorry but I call that the right decision.
The SRV doesn't need an animation of you getting in or out of it when departing your ship BUT you see the thing get dropped (BY INVISIBLE WIRES WE BELIEVE ARE TRACTOR BEAMS) as IT leaves the ship.

While ship interiors would be nice (coffee machine in Krait) they're not vital yet. It WOULD have been nice if Frontier gave us the walk up/down the ramp with the button on the airlock door that says "enter", it opens, you walk in and the rest of us see you vanish. You wake up in your seat. I would accept that. If you have to walk to an elevator on a station, enter it, wait a few seconds for it to drop you at the landing deck I believe they could have at least given us the option to walk up to the ship's airlock door and go in.

FYI, It would still be nice if they had a blue tube at the end of the ramp, at least. A ramp that shows were you SHOULD be entering the ship, anyway. Or a lowered elevator. Or something like that. Oh well, maybe update 20 will add that in.
Luckily nobody in this thread said that.

But Frontier did say "you will be able to" followed by things you are not able to do in Elite.

Why some people ASSUMED this kind of CONTENT would get added before the HEAT DEATH of the universe is BEYOND me. 🤷‍♂️
But "FDev promised!". No they didn't.

Someone, anyone PLEASE find and post in reply something, ANYTHING in print or video where the word "promise" to do anything in Elite Dangerous is used by anyone at FDev. I would really like to see it.

This should go without saying but phrases like "we want to" and "we would really like to" or "we see in the future" are NOT PROMISES.

he said "we are doing" and "you will be able to" nobody assumed anything , that was the promise of Elite.
But he knows that - he said it. And it's still in the future. You seem very upset about this for someone who says they don't want ship interiors yet anyway ... 🤔
i do want them and the sooner the better , and yes im kinda upset that after all this time its is not added yet , still hope they will add them in the near future , i didnt i want them yet i said i didnt want them right here right now , but i do want them to add the feature in the near future , anythig else ?
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