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Hello Commanders,

As this month's Frontier Xtra livestream draws closer, we're looking for our Question of the Month!

What do you want to know about the games industry, Frontier itself, or the Community Managers/Developers? This is your chance to get some insight into the games industry as a whole, and learn all about what it's like, how to get into it or anything else you may be wondering. We dedicate this section of the stream to answering one of your questions, so providing it's relevant to the games industry, please put your questions in this thread and we'll pick this month's favourite to discuss.

If you're struggling for ideas on what to ask, previous questions have asked for information on different ways to get into the industry, what kind of preparation goes into a livestream, and what's a day in the life of a Community Manager at Frontier.

The next Frontier Xtra is 22 March at 15:00 UTC, we can't wait to see you there!
While I second the "A day in David Braben's life as Frontier's CEO", I'm also wondering about : "A day for the kitchen staff helping Frontier teams to be well fed".

Cause we saw a lot of cakes, but where are the vegetables ? :D
Whatever happened to Sandro?
Ah this I can answer : he had the opportunity to switch to one of the upcoming game projects Frontier is doing. And he did. He's ok and still working at Frontier.

Now the good question would be "Does Sandro work on the game Frontier will announce this year... or the next one ?"

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Mysterious and problems to solve, have been a bit thin lately, any chance new ones are on the way or have Fdev moved away from the format of adding
in-game puzzles?

How many undiscovered Mystery Things(TM) are left in Elite? Either by approximate number or percentage of the total mystery objects?
David Braben stated at Lavecon 2015 a clear 10 year Elite Dangerous development plan.
Is this still the plan? What will Elite Dangerous look like in 2025?

A couple areas Space Legs?, Atmospheres Landing, planets with life maybe some Jurassic World 4 leg life :)

Elite Dangerous gamer for 4 years still an awesome game, congrats great work.
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If some reclusive multi-billionaire died and bequeathed all their wealth to Frontier developments (perhaps because playing one of your games had seen them through difficult times) and you never had to worry about making money ever again ... which, if any, of your games would you continue to work on (you know, for fun ... you still have to occupy your life with something engaging after all) and which personal "pet" features would you choose to develop in those games?
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What is the 'new era' about and when can we expect information about it? Even some hints about the upcoming content would be great!

Thank you in advance,

o7 o/ o>
I would be super keen to learn about any QoL updates, and also updates, with a sprinkling of update information. Ummm, within the frontier games industrial umbrella.

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What is the 'new era' about and when can we expect information about it? Even some hints about the upcoming content would be great!

Thank you in advance,

o7 o/ o>

Or tell us what isn't in it...
No trolling us though with 'there's no toilets', 'there are no zombie gerbals' etc.

Gives us a clear 'there's no space legs' if there isn't is what I mean. I'd rather not get my hopes up for 2 years.
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