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This feedback is useful, the team will be able to evaluate whether posting all livestreams on the forums would be useful to community members. The only livestreams that aren't currently posted on the forums are the Monday lunchtime let's plays, all other streams are.
FYI, we also get notifications from the Twitch app when you go live. And I'm sure the 2 people using Mixer probably get one too, unless Microsoft is still lagging behind.
This feedback is useful, the team will be able to evaluate whether posting all livestreams on the forums would be useful to community members. The only livestreams that aren't currently posted on the forums are the Monday lunchtime let's plays, all other streams are.
Please keep in mind, there are still a lot of 'old-schoolers' among this community, some of which deliberately avoid any of the modern social media platforms. I for one gave my smartphone away 6 month ago, since then I'm only using a retro mobile phone without internet access. Never regret this decision and just stay away from any tools that require mobile apps. Don't think for a second I'm nothing but a freaked out misfit here just because I'm not part of the vocal majority. Unless you want to produce games exclusively for youngsters of course. Think about it...
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Question: How does Frontier weigh up the advantages & disadvantages of its current methods of communicating development progress of Elite Dangerous? Developers of other "Games as a Service" software tend to provide a form of rolling updates on their progress, whilst FDev still goes for the impact of the big reveal of new features.

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CMDR Justinian Octavius
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I personally think those are far better platforms for live streaming what's a bit of a community event. They mostly focus the running stream and have decent chat functionality. On Youtube I always feel like it's a random offline video with a borderline unusable afterthought chat and all the usual distractions on the side.
I always thought Twitch and Mixer were for watching other gamers play, not a couch chat. ESO and Forza seem to have no issues with livestreaming on YouTube but what do they know? If FD can't go to the "trouble" of taking a livestream and uploading it to YouTube, well that says a lot about FD, doesn't it?

Hardly matters to me I guess, I took apart my cockpit and deleted the game from my PC. I've put the game aside and won't bother with it until I see what FD's future commitment looks like, hence why I'm keen to hear from them. But I firmly believe a recording of the livestream should be on the FD YouTube channel, a channel that appears all but dead to anyone that subscribes to it. A single video 1:21 in length for the anniversary and then everything else is a year old or more, great marketing.
It is absolutely not because some parts of the community are worth talking to and others are not. Elite has a well established streaming schedule, Monday lunchtimes and Thursday evenings, which has been ongoing for years. All streams are announced on social media, because people can get immediate notifications for when we are about to go live, whereas they cannot on the forums. We post our FrX streams to Twitch and Mixer as we currently find this to be the best method for people to watch our daytime streams. You can watch replays of the stream after it is posted and, as they are highlighted, they won't disappear. Things like where our livestreams are posted is decided through feedback we have gotten and absolutely not because the members of the community team actively pick and choose who they think are worth talking to.
Yeah, I can watch the Twitch replay on Twitch but I won't be notified because I am not subscribed, and I won't subscribe just for one stream. I know it's possible to export a Twitch recording to YouTube, you have accounts on both platforms, how hard is it to put the replay on YouTube so that YouTube subscribers can get notified that there's a new video? Getting more eyes on your content and livesteams is the logical thing to do.
I also think that all streams should be advertised on the forums.

I am not a part of Twitter. I am not a big fan of social media in general and avoid it as much as possible. Having news about certain streams only going through Twitter I think is a bad idea. Surely you want as many people as possibly to watch your streams, so the more outlets (and the forums are just one of them) you use the better.
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Do we need to submit questions which were submitted last Xtra thread, but didn't get asked yet?

ie: they "on the list", or the list is new each month.
I have no problem with you posting to 'third' party social media sites, but this forum is your home, your base and where announcements should be posted first.

Not everyone is on twatter or friendface, you folk just never seem to 'get it' do you?
I, too, am not on friendbook or tweester.
I, too, am not on friendbook or tweester.
Just get out your filofax, write on the last Friday of each month 'check ye twitch verily for ye frontier xtra videocast forsooth'. You can use a modern fountain pen, or a quill if you're more comfortable with that.

Next you'll be asking fdev to tape the recording and send it out so you can watch it your betamax - pensioners eh? :D
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Question(s): How often (generally) do Frontier socialise as a company or as smaller teams either in the local pub/restaurant or in office parties at work? Is Frontier a good place to work for socialising with other work colleagues?

Bonus Question: How many cats do all of the people at Frontier own in total? :)
I don't think the community managers fix the bugs. ;)
i know. but they can ask the devs, or talk about their own experiences, or crack some jokes on the trivia of a bug's life in frontier.

maybe the question could be formulated better but it's an interesting and popular topic! :)
* What are your arguments for players not going elsewhere? short / medium / long term
* what are your arguments against a star citizen? short / medium / long term
* what do you think of your relationship between player - FDEV?
* Will you take out the panther clipper or will you continue to take us for idiots?
* what do you think of elite dangerous? honnestly
* directx 12? vulkan? ... or windows 3.1?
* what is the end-game in elite dangerous?
* when is a real scenery content?
* Why is there still instancing in 2019?
* why do you avoid open-only topics, despite the fact that this could solve a lot of problems if you take the time to think 5 minutes about it?
* in fact, why do you avoid ALL the subjects that are about a major evolution in the game? is it finished maybe according to you?
* new content decent? and not just a reason to make some jumps and photos for the end, nothing
* tell us about squadron and its future developments plz
* talk about space legs and related content plz
* tell us about housing, contruction and associated content plz
* Tell us about scripted campaign and related content plz
* talk to us about powerplay campaign with finally animated leaders
* tell us about a real content about the thargoids guardians etc and not only a copy pasted, it does not advance
* What do you have to say about your reputation as minimalist and stone age developers regarding quality processes?
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