Frontier's 24 Hour Charity Livestream 2017


Hi everyone!

We’re nearing that time of the year again... wearing cozy jumpers, picking out presents and decorations, celebrating together with family and friends... As per tradition, we’d like to celebrate with you too!

Frontier’s 24 Hour Charity Livestream 2017

On December 11, 2017 (midday GMT), Ed and Bo will kick off our third annual Charity livestream in honour of SpecialEffect, a wonderful charity which helps disabled people use technology and play videogames. We will be joined by amazing developer guests, do midnight challenges, and get progressively tired and silly in the name of a great cause! Last year, we raised over £46,000 together with a £10,000 original target and we will be hosting several activities in the weeks to come and during the 24 hour stream, which will end on December 12 (midday GMT). This year we've set the target at a very ambitious £25,000 and we hope that you'll be there to support us to reach that amazing amount for SpecialEffect.

We will be streaming on and will upload the entire livestream on YouTube afterwards for archive purposes.
Please read the below sections carefully if you want to join us in spreading the holiday spirit, and also have a chance to receive some amazing and unique prizes!

Charity Sweepstake

For every £1 you donate to our Just Giving campaign, you get one entry into the prize draw. At the end of the 24 hour stream we will pick winners together on screen, so make sure to donate and enter your email address (the optional field at donation, not as a comment) for a chance to win one of the following amazing prizes:

• High-end gaming PC worth £2,000!
• Xbox One X console
• PlayStation 4 Pro console
• Annual pass to a theme park of your choice!
• 3x £50 Frontier Merch Design Credit
• 3x Planet Coaster + all DLC (The Munsters, Back to the Future, Knight Rider, Spooky Pack)
• 2x Elite Dangerous CMDR Deluxe on PC
• 2x Elite Dangerous on PlayStation 4
• 2x Elite Dangerous on Xbox One
• 1x Elgato StreamDeck
• 1x HyperX package including Hyper X Cloud 2, Hyper X Cloud Alpha, HyperX Aloy FPS keyboard, and HyperX Fury mousepad
• 2x Hyper X Fury mousepad
• 2x signed Spooky Planet Coaster poster
• 1x signed Elite Galaxy Map
• 1x Frontier Goodie Bag including notebook, posters, postcards, pin badges, sports bottle, mouse mats, and more!

For the Elite Dangerous players, you can also receive the SpecialEffect paintjob, in case you missed out on it last year, for every £6 you donate to our Just Giving page.
(Terms and Conditions apply, please see the bottom of this post for details!)

Blind Charity Auction Coming Soon!
Like last year, we’re also organising a Blind Charity Auction with super unique prizes for you to bid on (with all the money going to SpecialEffect via our Just Giving page). We’re finalising the auction items as we speak, and will post more info about them in the next week or so – these are amazing, bespoke, epic prizes that we hope you’ll enjoy! Keep your eyes peeled on our forums for the Blind Charity Auction coming soon!

Last but not least...
We love that you are helping out by donating to SpecialEffect and supporting us by watching our streams. That’s why we’ve set up a very special Advent Calendar that will run throughout the stream, starting from the campaign amount when the stream goes live on December 11. For each £1,000 we raise during those 24 hours, we will open a Calendar door, and there’s loads of surprises behind them... ranging from silly little dares that we'll do live on stream to some pretty big prize giveaways! So help us reach those milestones by watching live on the day.

Thank you for supporting us throughout the past year, with all the updates, our first ever Frontier Expo, streams, and more! Your enthusiasm and love for Frontier is what keeps us ever going, and we couldn’t do it without you. We hope you’re excited to join our celebration, all in support of the amazing charity SpecialEffect. Every little bit helps make a difference in someone else’s life.
We’ll be sure to host an awesome show on December 11, 2017.

Terms and conditions

- Every full £1 (UK British pound) donated to the Just Giving page is an entry into the prize draw.
- If a donation is made in another currency we will use a currency converter to work out the UK equivalent.
- The prize draw will be held on December 12, 2017 at 11AM GMT on the livestream. The cut-off time for entries will be announced shortly before the draw.
- For prize draw tickets to be valid they must include suitable contact details. Either the Commander name in the name or comments for Elite Dangerous players or the email address in the donation (not as a publically viewable comment).
- Prizes in the raffle may be substituted for one of equal value if for any reason they become unavailable, such as going out of stock.
- Prizes are available worldwide.
- Where a prize is not deliverable by a specific merchant, vouchers may be offered for a suitable retailer instead. Specifically for the Gaming PC, Xbox One X and PlayStation 4 Pro.

SpecialEffect PaintJob
- The SpecialEffect paintjob and decal will be made available to everyone who has donated over the specified amount in their currency and has a valid email address on their donation (be sure to add them at the donation and not as a comment).
- These will be sent out after the event ends and not granted immediately. Please be patient for your code, they could take a number of days to be dispatched.
- The SpecialEffect paint job is only available for use with Elite Dangerous and you will need to own the game in order to use this item.


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YAY it's the annual charity livestream!

Boooo, it's on Twitch.

Does this mean you're just running the one livestream this year Ed, rather than you and Bo running one consecutively? If I've read that right, I think it's a good idea. Last year, while awesome, I can imagine was a bit of a logistical nightmare.

I'll watch as much as I can, but once again I'm going to miss out on the start and end which is a big shame.
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Yay livestream.

Since i'll be on a course all week(great for the career, sucks for watching daytime livestreams). How will the advent calendar thing work. Once opened is there a time window for the "treat" to be active?

will you publish a "running order" closer to the time, so we'll know more or less when to sneak off for a break :)

Bo Marit

Lead Community Manager
Yay livestream.

Since i'll be on a course all week(great for the career, sucks for watching daytime livestreams). How will the advent calendar thing work. Once opened is there a time window for the "treat" to be active?

will you publish a "running order" closer to the time, so we'll know more or less when to sneak off for a break :)

Hi Shan!

Too bad you're on a course, we'll miss you! Basically for every £1,000 we raise during the stream (so between 12PM and 12PM :p) we have a special thing happening. This could be anything from an exclusive video to a giveaway!
We might post a schedule beforehand, to be honest we're not sure yet about doing so!

Wohoo! Glad to see you guys are doing a 24h stream again!

I'm just sad I'll miss most of it...can't take time off from work this year. *sadface*
Very much looking forward to it anyway, though!

Let the sillyness commence! Onwards to sleep deprivation!
24h charity stream hypeeeeeeee, I'm already annotating on the calendar to remember and mark my presence on the day o7
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Fantastic stuff! Special Effect is such an amazing charity.

I'll be donating and The Fatherhood Wing will be glad to help out in any way we can, just give us a shout!

I loved last year's livestream and will be happy to support the fantastic SpecialEffect again. Hoping Dav will appear as his contribution last year was especially memorable.

Shame I'm working on the Tuesday so will miss the end, but will be off on Monday so can watch all day :)

Bring it on!
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I was looking forward to this already. But there is no way for me to participate (and wreck my sleep schedule) that early in December. I'll donate, of course, but still feel kind of left out by this timing.
I have exams on both the 11th and 12th and I'll still be around! Bo/Ed, catch me on discord/email for the usual charity total ticker setup, preferably some time in advance!
I am really looking forward to this stream (I have enjoyed all of the past ones) and have now booked holiday for those 2 days. :D

I just hope Ed and Bo (and anyone else involved) take care of themselves during the stream and plan for necessary breaks.
It's rather fortunate that Mondays are my compulsory work from home day. Now should I try and get Tuesday allocated as one as well?

The Replicated Man

You guys should have a player based security force escorting you in open. To many gankers out there! Remember Delete Dangerous???
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