Frontier's Annual Results have been published (June 2018 to May 2019), showing a record year and Elite passing 3 million basegame sales

Dateline: early January 2016

The Question: “when might you expect or hope the mysterious 2.4 to release?”

Provided information:

1. base game 1.0 released December 2014
2. Horizons 2.0 released December 2015
3. release schedule for 2.1 -Spring 2016, 2.2 -Summer 2016, 2.3 -Autumn 2016

Personally, I’ll give a gentle pat on the back to those historic Olympic-standard hopefuls from this community, and a knowing look, “I can see how you may have thought that...”
Can't we please get back to the important issues relevant to todays problems: William The Conqueror promised to invade England in 1065 - what a fool he looks now!

(yeah, I know, but these pensioners refuse to move on)
Can't we please get back to the important issues relevant to todays problems: William The Conqueror promised to invade England in 1065 - what a fool he looks now!

(yeah, I know, but these pensioners refuse to move on)
It's the year 2128. The British prime minister visits Brussels to ask for an extension of the Brexit-Deadline like every year. Nobody remembers where this strange tradition comes from, but it brings lots of tourists to the town.
those are, for the most part, QOL content.
i agree it deserved a whole dedicated update, but not 4 to 5 years to get what we got.

Kickstarter started in Nov 5, 2012, the game came out in Dec 16, 2014
let's give them one extra year for margin error, heck, let's say they started the dev in 2010

So i took 4 years to create the Elite we got when it got out more or less. Sounds very ok to me. They must have worked hard no doubts.

After the game came out, the only real new stuff we had was horizons with the SRV, the rest was mostly QOL.

if you compare the first 4 years (from 2010 to 2014) and compare from the last 4 years (from 2015 to 2019) the quantity and quality of content is not equal. And It shouldn't even be equal, it should be superior since FD made a ton of money since release.

We still can't change the color HUD, we still need to use Dr Kaii app or Arkku website...

I'm just disappointed, if you are happy with the pace of development, good for you, i envy you.
I was expecting more from FD but i guess that's my fault.
And what are Thargoids, the Formadine rift, Colonia, transportable stations, base assaults, multicrew, Wings, squadrons, crew AI, guardians/guardian tech, engineers, community goals, galnet, powerplay... they're JUST QOL?'re out of your mind
You are correct. They haven't. They've only ever given out hope in cleverly crafted bureaucratic responses that only politicians would be proud of - using English to extreme vague interpretations with words like "keen to" and "want to see". Funniest part is watching the naïve here eat this up by the spoonful as it's dished out.

To the topic of this post: once again there is nothing of any substance stated for Elite other than it being in sustaining mode. If anything that should concern the fanbase as there continues to be substance about FDev focusing on new franchises (i.e. focused on new titles and not focused on Elite).
ROFL is this another parody post?
Working? So basically a remake of a 1984 game with great graphics is all they wanted? if that's true the yes, job done, move onto the next remake.

Hardly visionary tho is it?
It is, actually. Name any other game like it. And say NMS if you wanna be ejected from the airlock. There is nothing that facilitates things like Distant Worlds, Fuel Rats and other sandbox player driven activities like this. There are radio stations, podcasts, huge player groups and such wholly because this game and it's lore exists. If you can't find the imagination to enjoy yourself given the tools FDEV have provided to you then ... I dunno what's the token response? "Go play COD!" that's it I think. But OMG quit whining. In fact tell me what you paid for the game and I will transfer the money to you if you promise to log off permanently :)
So if the development took 50 years, there'd still be no way to decide whether it was slow or not? It's kind of sad to see the standard space software that must not be named excuse trotted out to defend Frontier's lack of progress on the updates they said themselves are coming.

Unless of course 2020 vision contains all that was trailed and more. Who knows, because Frontier refuse to let that information slip to their 'vibarant community'.
It's cos of ppl claiming they were lied to somehow that they don't.
Do you seriously wish for me to explain every short term price fluctuation? You've entirely misunderstood what I was talking about. I wasn't referring to the moments of short term vol. But...seeing as you're asking I'll explain some of the concerns I'd have about investing in FDev:

Current EV/EBITDA ratio is over 14. Generally, under 10 is regarded as healthy. Over 14 implies forecast earnings are very low in relation to share price.

Forecast earnings yield around 4.5%. By and large, you would regard under 6/7% to indicate a share to be overpriced for the earnings expected.

Return in invested capital is sitting near 1.08%. As a rough guide, 'quality' companies (ref terminology used in equity investing) have ROIC over 2%. Under 2% means they are eroding value.

There is a mix of the stock still being expensive combined with a low quality tilt. That would worry me as an investor. That's before considering that they still seem incapable of paying a dividend for a reason I'm unfamiliar with.

None of this means the share price is guaranteed to drop. A stock can be rancid and still experience a price increase if the market is up. There is systematic exposure as well idiosyncratic value. As I mentioned, FDev shares have historically been high beta (systematic exposure) with respective industry so when the industry goes up you expect FDev to go up more (and vice versa). That ignores the idiosyncratic element that causes further deviations.

I've not done any in depth analysis on frontier developments. I was simply pointing out that regardless of positive historic earnings growth, there are causes for tempering one's relentless optimism. Make your own mind up of course. I'm not an IFA so my opinions aren't advice. Those would simply reflect my concerns were I invested or considering investing in the company.

Or you could look at a chart with one day volatility and assume that's what I was referring to.
Nah, sorry. You got out-graphed. Deal with it 8-p
Oh Thanx !

Interesting... According to that; 825 sales = -17.5% growth, but 1180 sales is a +43% growth...

I'm dying to see that explained.. Do we have any accountants in the house?

And do unit sales include Horizons, and are they individual sales. ie; If I buy Elite then buy Horizons, is that 2 sales?
Price drop innit?
This is like pulling teeth. I do not know when the drawdown in share price occured and I do not know when financials were released. I know that the view of analysts is the 8% (i've read 7% somewhere as well) drop in share price is a result of reduced revenue forecasts. It's reasonably well publicised in financial press. I am not one of those analysts but I do trust their judgement over, with respect, someone who volunteers to moderate a video game forum and has no apparent experience or expertise in company financials.

Incidentally, if I wanted to hear a credible view on moderating a video game forum I would come to you, not analysts working in finance/accounting.
In fairness, this guy knows his poopoo
Because no deadline, real or imagined has ever been missed....

OpenXanadu anyone?
Can't we please get back to the important issues relevant to todays problems: William The Conqueror promised to invade England in 1065 - what a fool he looks now!

(yeah, I know, but these pensioners refuse to move on)
As I posted earlier in the thread:
(I originally came into this thread because 2 forumites were arguing Horizons was/wasn’t originally on a quarterly release schedule. They were both a little bit right, and a little bit wrong. When the schedule was first released, I wholeheartedly believe FDev intended to kick off 2.4 from Winter 2016 onwards. Otherwise, I’d have to assume they’d have to be knowingly misleading customers and I don’t hold such a low opinion of them)
As for using the failings of others as mitigation...last time I tried that excuse I was told in no uncertain terms my own homework had not magically improved because of that.
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