Fuel Scoop QoL Change

When fuel scooping you usually have little information of how close you are to the stars you're scooping from beside from experience of Heat % and Scoop rate, the radar and/or selecting the star itself does give you some idea it's still rather vague and not as detailed and clear as I'd like it to be.
Proposed Solution:
When fuel scooping the HUD shows the same interface as the one in orbital cruise, with the same blue "sweet spot" for you to follow so you'd remain at a set altitude/distance. It would be rather easy to do as it's based on an already existing and working game element.​
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Turn on orbit lines as well. There will be a circle around the star to show where not to go.
I'm aware of the "impact circle" and have not turned orbit lines off for the entire time of owning the game, though, thanks for trying to help.
The issue isn't really the difficulty of fuel scooping, I can't actually recall the last time I took significant damage from doing that.
This is really just a QoL change so it's easier to maintain your distance to a star while fuel scooping and navigating around it to get to the next system that are obscured by said star itself.
I would like to engineer them , also engineer fuel tanks.

fuel scoops, increase rate with weight penalty.
fuel tank build some sort of compression or expansion increasing total it can hold, penalty is fuel costs and fuel scoop refill rate.
Ok, I have never added fuel tanks to anything, and my asp and dbx even have smaller tanks. Also, fuel scoops don't have mass so a penalty would be difficult. I could see lower heat production at the expensive of energy consumption or even scoop rate.
Not needed, keep the yellow glow from the star just below you, make sure your scoop is operating (fuel rate) just below maximum, move your ship continually down a bit to keep the rate highish, dont start the fsd until you heat fuel scoop disengaged, if fueling is completed, fly away until star on your hud (the vertical line) is past the 2nd circle (log scale) and has changed colour from red (danger) to orange, then engage fsd.
Easy eh?
I keep orbit lines off these days, but it's helpful also, esoecially on non scoopables, dwarfs (dwarves?) have a wide exclusion zone.
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