Fun Challenge 2: Creating Film Nublar (JP Phase 1)

I previously made a challenge called, Creating a Novel Nublar which involved creating a version of Jurassic Park based on the InGen list from the original novel.

After looking through information on the Jurassic Park wiki, I came up with an idea for a second challenge: Creating a version of the park based on the the Phase 1 of Hammond's plan.
For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about, the park seen in the first Jurassic Park was Pre-Phase 1.

Phase 1 (aka if Nedry didn't happen) would include the dinosaurs seen or mentioned to have existed on the island in any of the first film's media.
Given how -cough- small -cough- Nublar is, I won't include replicating the park's layout as part of this challenge and keep it 'simple' by focusing primarily on the dinosaurs themselves.

Unfortunately, there's no exact tally for each species like there was for the novel so the number of dinosaurs will be ambiguous.

With all that said, here's Pre-Phase 1's dinosaur list:
• Dilophosaurus
• Tyrannosaurus
• Triceratops
• Brachiosaurus & Parasaurolophus (in the same paddock)
• Gallimimus
• Velociraptors

Phase 1 dinosaur list:
• Baryonyx
• Metriacanthosaurus
• Herrerasaurus
• Segisaurus (not in-game)
• Proceratosaurus (not in-game; can be substituted by Ceratosaurus)
• Compsognathus (not in-game)
• Parasaurolophus (in its own enclosure)

Bonus Challenge: Jungle River Cruise(?)
Add a river that runs through your park with Brachiosaurs, Dilophosaurs, and whatever else you think you can put in the same paddock without them all killing each other (or suffering the starvation bug).
Adding a Gyrosphere to the enclosure is optional.
It's also worth noting that you can't build bridges in-game so have fun trying to work around that obstacle (literally).

What about Phase 2?
Phase 2 includes an aviary and a marine facility; neither of which is in-game yet.

To be honest, I think this challenge is far easier that the first one because the numbers of dinosaurs are up to the player whereas the original challenge had a set population that threw game logic out the window. I'm not actually done with the first challenge yet but, I'm sure this challenge will be just as interesting for the community to try out.

I do actually have another idea for a challenge but, I'll post that at a later date :)
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