Fun Challenge: Island Exclusives

A while back I made a challenge post called Creating a Novel Nublar and I wanted to follow it up with an idea I had for a new challenge I got while watching this video by Klayton Fioriti.

Here's the challenge...

Once a genus of dinosaur is housed on one island of the five islands, they would become exclusive to that particular island's roster and can't be released anywhere else.

For example:
If you showcase Gallimimus on Matanceros, it becomes restricted to that particular island.​
If you want to use that dinosaur elsewhere (any of the other islands), you would have to either use a substitute (like the Struthiomimus) or remove that dinosaur from its exclusive island before it can be used elsewhere.

As you rework each of your islands, your list of available dinosaur options will continue to narrow down until you run out of dinosaurs to pick from.
Ultimately, the goal is have dinosaurs that are exclusive to each island while still managing to achieve (or maintain) a 5 Star rating.​

Sure, the in-game guests don't give a wooden nickel if you have the same dinosaur on two different islands but, that's what make the challenge so tricky.
You would need to rework all your islands to distinguish them from one another while also constantly adapting to self-imposed restrictions as though the guests would actually care if you DIDN'T have dinosaurs exclusive to each park.

  • Have a list somewhere of all the dinosaurs you have at your disposal so you can cross out which ones you've used already.
  • Create themes for each of your islands (carnivore only, herbivore only, Asian, European, North/South America, etc.)
I know this isn't quite as intense as my InGen List Nublar Challenge but, it could still offer quite a bit of replay value to the game.
Feel free to post your end results! I would love to see what kind of parks you guys end of creating from this challenge ♥
Done. :)

Looks like a fun challenge and a good reason to redo all the islands again.
Yeah. Though I have some plans for Nublar.
I might do one of two things:
I'll either keep Nublar as my "do whatever" island or have its dinosaur list only consist of the movie/novel canon InGen list (like my previous challenge).
Right now however, I'm starting to realize how tricky this challenge even though I'm still at Matanceros 😅

Could you also move my Novel Nublar post to the Creation Lab? :3
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