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in 1962

Fun Houston was start construction.

Fun Houston logo (1963).png

in May 20, 1963:

Fun Houston was finally opened to the public.

Fun Houston preview (1962).png

This is photo of Fun Houston Opening Day May 20, 1963

This is photo of Venetian Carousel in 1963

Scrambler going really well when it opened with the park.

This is photo of Tilt-a-Whirl before opened.

This is photo of Tilt-a-Whirl after opened.

This is photo of Wild Mouse before opened.

This is photo of Wild Mouse after opened.

Wild Mouse was B. A. Schiff Wild Mouse was opened with the park in 1963.

NOTE: They don't have B. A Schiff Wild Mouse on Planet Coaster.


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in 1964

Fun Houston introduces.....

Red Dipper

This is poster of Red Dipper 1964

This PTC Wooden Coaster opened in 1964. The top speed was 46 mph. This coaster was designed by John C. Allen.
This coaster become most popular coaster in the park shortly after this coaster was opened in April 29, 1964.
in 1968

Fun Houston finally opened

A new Wild Mouse coaster

and was called.....


Wilder Mouse ad.png

Wilder Mouse.PNG

Wilder Mouse 2.PNG

Wilder Mouse 3.PNG

Wilder Mouse 4.PNG

This is Herschell's Monster Mouse coaster takes huge drop and sharp turns.
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Fun Houston was popular amusement park in Houston, Texas

But Guests wants to add hotels to stay.

Fun Houston reponded....

Houston Hotel.PNG

Houston Hotel was new Fun Houston addition in 1969.

but big changes for the Fun Houston

in same year when Houston Hotel opened

Red Dipper was repainted and renamed


Shooting Star.PNG

Shooting Star 2.PNG

When Astroworld amusement park opened a year earlier

Fun Houston became of biggest competitor.
in 1972

Fun Houston opened

which was 10 times better then Shooting Star (original named Red Dipper)

This wooden coaster was called



Skyrocket 2.PNG

Skyrocket 3.PNG

This wooden coaster was same layout as Wildcat at Cincinnati's Coney Island.
and was also pay homage to classic 1930's style wooden coasters.

but sadly in 1972 season, the same year when Skyrocket opened...

Fun Houston officially announced that Centrum ride was removed after 9 years
to make room for New ride called Enterprise.

Centrum's Final Day of Operation (1972).PNG

Centrum's Final Day of Operation (1972) 2.PNG

Guest: I'm gonna miss this ride.


Centrum was removed.PNG

R. I. P
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