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in late 1972

Fun Houston was bought to

Funtime Park inc.

when 1973 came in

They have new logo

Fun Houston logo (1973).png

The park was celebrates 10 years!!!

Fun Houston 10th Anniversary logo.png

They have new Park Entrance

New Park Entrance.PNG

new Park Exit

New Park Exit.PNG

New Ride: Enterprise


and Wilder Mouse's New Repainted Track and New Repainted Cars.

Wilder Mouse (New Painted Blue Track and New Painted Cars) (1973).PNG

That's whats new on Fun Houston in 1973. [wink]
in 1974

Fun Houston opened

Skyrocket Jr.

Skyrocket Jr..PNG

This is junior version of Skyrocket.

Speaking of Skyrocket

Skyrocket was repainted white track and supports.

Skyrocket Repainted.PNG
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in 1976

Fun Houston opened the new ride

Turn of the Century

This is Troika flat ride was made by HUSS Park Attractions

Turn of the Century.PNG

Turn of the Century 2.PNG

Twins riding Turn of the Century.PNG

The twins riding Turn of the Century!
in 1977

Fun Houston was added new coaster


Greezed Lightnin' logo.png

Greezed Lightnin'.PNG

Greezed Lightnin' 2.PNG

Greezed Lightnin' 3.PNG

This is Arrow Launched Loop Coaster was top speed was 45 mph.

Unfortunately this was Texas Mine Train's final year of operation.

This ride was removed after 1977 season to make room for New millestone coaster in 1978.

R. I. P.

Texas Mine Train

and finally in 1978

Fun Houston opened new coaster called....



Shockwave 2.PNG

Shockwave 3.PNG

Shockwave 4.PNG

Shockwave 5.PNG

Shockwave 6.PNG

Shockwave 7.PNG

Shockwave 8.PNG

This is most popular and world class coaster in the park.

They have 3 inversions (one Loop, and two Corkscrews)

This is fourth Arrow Dynamics coasters in this park.
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in 1979 season

The coaster Skyrocket Jr. was removed due to guest think was too tame.
they decided to make room for new wooden coaster by William Cobb.

Skyrocket Jr.



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Aww, too bad that Skyrocket Jr. had to be taken down.

You've got a nice park going there. I like the classic approach and your way of telling the story of this park. :) [up]
in 1980

Fun Houston opened a new coaster...


This coaster was designed by William Cobb the same guy who did Texas Cyclone at Astroworld which closed in 2005.

Here's a few pictures of The Rocket:

This is was pay tribute to The Rocket at Ocean View Amusement Park which was destroyed doing filming of The Death of the Ocean View Park (1979).

Sorry for the long delay anyone. More update for Fun Houston was coming soon.
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