future DLC to include new mechanics

I don't know what the future holds for Planet Zoos DLC, if it stays as it is or they will offer both small and larger ($$) DLC in the future, but I personally think it would be great to have a larger DLC that's a bit more expensive that offers a new mechanic for the game as well as some animals.

These new mechanics will only enhance the game experience, not hinder the base game.
Something like,
A keeper talk//feedingTour guide mechanic. This new feature would allow you to choose specific hired zookeepers to perform a new task. The Keeper will go to a chosen animals habitat, at a chosen allocated time, and do a 'keeper' talk every game 'month' (your chosen timespan). The keeper would be in the enclosure or outside at appropriate fence (Maybe new items in the game you place down to tell the keeper where to stand). a 5 star keeper will give a fantastic informative talk that results in increased donations, while a 1 star keeper will fail and disappoint, no donations.

The Feeding would involve only a 5 star Keeper and an animal (specific animal chosen by you). The animal will be fed by the zookeeper infront of guests. The animals behavior and success during the feeding is based on a new Genetic category (brave/timid) - Brave animals will be successful at the feeding, giving guests positive reviews, more donations. Timid animals would fail to come to the keeper, giving negative reviews and less donations. The donations overall will be more than the keeper talk.
Guests would be attracted to the Talks and Feeding times and rush to watch

The same thing would be for Tours, but you choose what animal habitats to visit (where to stand), and a small group of guests follow the keeper. The keeper would do a talking and pointing animation, then walk off to the next habitat. The donations overall will be more higher than both Talks and Feedings.

And give me two animals to go with it, some with really cool behaviour animation that work during the feedings/tours. I don't want an entire building set, just a few new items to customize my new zoo areas with like signs or new education boards.
I'd throw my money at you, Frontier.
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This is such a great idea ! A good Talk or a good Tour could also increase the Education of the guests ! Hey, just to see a few new animations showing some relationship between a Keeper and an animal during the Feeding (like a giant panda gently trying to take some food from the Keeper hands), I would throw my money at Frontier too x) I would loove to see more interactions between animals and the staff !
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