Future Ideas for updates and DLC or free updates!

With the announcement of Planet Zoo I have to say I am worried that we may not see new content as often or eventually not at all with the new focus on the new game. So with that I was trying to think of idea for Planet Coaster that would allow for more updates to our beloved game. Here is what I came up with as suggestions

Kiddie Rides Pack - I have always wanted to make a kids zone in my parks (which I kinda have with some of our flat rides we currently have)
More Flatrides in general - There are still a lot of flat rides out there that are not in game. I would love to see them added.
Nature Pack - Give us lots of new bushes and flowers and trees and rocks, plus make it so we are not so limited to a few terrain paints or at least at brown dirt to all area types.
Shows - Inside a building laser light, dance, circus, hypnotist, magic show, concert and so forth. or add outdoor stage shows for each theme.(Wild west stage show was fav. of mine.)
Weather - affects attendance of park and rides that are indoors would get flocked to if it rains or is chilly. Make an option on the ride window to declare it an indoor ride like most of the dark rides many of us have made.
Music Pack - Add like 5 new songs for each theme plus some scenery related to music. More little singing groups, maybe they even wonder in a certain area that can be set on paths.
Games Pack - The claw machine and the other new things were nice additions but how about midway games. skiball, ring toss, pick a duck, dart game, bowling ball game, horse race. Just to name a few.

I am sure I could come up with more but this should get them started.
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