Future thargoid attack on the "bubble" (spawn location)?

Should i be afraid of thargoids attacking bases near the spawn location?

I am a newbie to ED and i've seen some posts about colonia and that people have been moving there because of Thargoids.
Is this anything to consider doing? and if so i would need some help in doing that considering the small amount of credits i have and that i've never upgraded my framshift drives (i may be wrong on the names).

So is this maybe something considerable?
Welcome to Elite, I wouldn't fret, if they are coming this way, by the time the thargoids come to the bubble you'll be well established as the plot is moving painfully slowly.
So, something I noticed was that so far, a lot of the "Aegis" research stations in this article seem to have the atmospheric music that (is probably only meant to) plays at the damaged stations, regardless of whether they were attacked, in repair, or have never been touched by the Thargoids. Sign of things to come methinks.
The Thargoids as far as I can tell are either biding their time or adopting a "wait and see" approach with humanity. Also I doubt Frontier would allow an ALL OUT ASSAULT on the human bubble. This would effectively end the game.
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