G-Force, speed displayed like height markers

I looked around and didn't see a suggestion like this. In the RCT games, you had height markers displayed along the track. I assume that'll be in PC before release, but it would be great if g force and speed were also displayed in the same manner. Maybe after a complete test run? So first build is blind. What do you think? And sorry if this has been suggested before.
Yeah, I missing that too. G-Force and speed data. So if too much G-Force, the ride would be dangerous. Also it would be nice to get reactions from peeps how they liked the ride, i.e. fun, fear, boring, too much physical constrain, nausea. This maybe be presented as thoughts or physcial appearance. Also a rating from the peeps may be made, so other peeps (maybe different peeps, they who want a flying smooth ride, or those who want an intense and hard ride) may get more or less interested in the ride, so you get a reason to rebuild or the ride or concentrate it on a certain taste.