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Both are shirtless in a caged arena about to duke it out, if David wins, we get the walking around update, if Gabe wins, we get Half life 3.

but really who would win in a bare fisted boxing match?

im going with David, he doesnt have a beard and thats an advantage
I think that would be a sad spectacle indeed. Two ageing software developers nervously circling each other, about to come to blows with someone for quite possibly the first time in their lives. Whoever wins, we lose.
Gaben vs Braben:

Hitting Gaben would be useless, it would be like attacking a lump of wet dough. Not nice.

I'm sure Braben would dance circles around him. Then he would be crushed as Gaben topples over.

Half Life 3 will be announced... and the milky way will fold in on itself. Universe: 1 - Existence: 0
Does anyone actually want Half Life 3? 5 or 6 years ago maybe but now? Gabe traded Half Life 3 in for loot crates, tf2 hats and steam greenlight....
Can't really call it without knowing if either of them have any experience with this. Weight is everything if neither of them do, in which case Gabe obviously wins.
I'd cheer for David. As much as I'd love HL3 just think about it. All those YEARS of hype and expectations. Would they really deliver? I don't think so. Valve can do games, not magic.
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