Galactic Geologist - A Magazine for and by Geyser, Fumarole and Organic enthusiasts!

Galactic Geologist Special Edition out now 20/3/18

Welcome CMDRS, I am MadRaptor and on behalf of myself and the good folks of the M.W.S.O.G (Milky Way Society of Organics and Geology) I'd like to give to you the very first issue of Galactic Geologist.

This magazine will be the go to place for the latest news on Organics and Geology throughout the galaxy. Inside you will find highlights of the most recent discoveries, tips and tricks from the pros, research papers and possibly CMDR spotlights. This first issue will bring to you a How To guise on finding geysers, fumaroles and organics, as well as the top 5 geysers and fumaroles of the galaxy and a small site spotlight on Smokey Basin!


MWSOG Website:

MWSGO Thread:

Note: ADS Created by CMDR Krillakov, I did not know who created the ads at the time I created this so I did not get permission to use them, I have since been informed who the creator is but I have yet to get in contact with him, so for now I will be substituting those ads with something else until I get permission. However, if you are creative and would like to come up with ads to be used in Galactic Geologist, well, please submit them and we will get them in.
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Awesome work Commander! :)

The feeling of reading a real Science Magazine in the Elite Dangerous Universe is superb!

Thank you, nice that feeling came across. I'm hoping to find more elite related ads and lore to fill these upcoming issues. Maybe even expand it to discoveries outside of geological and organic when new things are there to discover with the Beyond updates
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