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Hey CMDRs,

For the Borderlands Venture expedition, I made a little calculator to estimate if one can fly through the New Outer Arm gap, and how much Jump-o s/he'd need. Then I though it'd be useful for plenty of other routes. So here's the sheet as it is right now, I added a few routes (those I have the data for). Suggestions welcome. To use it right now, make yourself a copy and input your jump ranges, I made room for 5 ships, can be extended by duplicating columns, obviously. The sheet will also indicate if you will hit a dead end at some point.

Update: the sheet now gives you the detailed requirements for the whole route, the number of each boost level you'll need, based on full tank, fumes or average!

I'd like to add more route, but for that I need whether:

1) Waypoints and the longest jump between them (as for the Heisenberg Bridge); or
2) The complete list of systems and the distances between each.

To gather the complete lists, one can simply copy (Ctrl+V) from EDDiscovery or EDSM, as long as I can copypasta myself to the sheet. Notes are a plus, especially for long route, knowing where to find jump-o is great. Since I'm way out there and I have not followed the other routes myself, if people have, it would appreciate that you sent me the data, or link me where I can find it.
Available routes:

1. Hyperion Bridge (Qohen Leth)
2. Heisenberg Bridge (Heisenberg6626)
3. Barbara Hop (Qohen Leth)
4. Northwest Passage (Greytest)
5. Zeewolf's Crossing (partly) (Zeewolf)
6. Paradox Shortcut (Allitnil)
7. Daedalus Crossing (marx)
8. DragoCubX's Safe Roncevaux Crossing (DragoCubX; doable by a 22ly ship) (nearly ready)

To add

1. Frosty Pass
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Looks great!
I think Daedalus Crossing might also work, though it's for the Outer Arm Vacuus' gap down in the South. The exploration log didn't have all the distances back then, but you can use the jump boost systems as the waypoints, and the longest jumps' distances are listed there. Also, all the unlisted distances are below 35 ly, as that was my jump range at the time.
thanks for sharing, nice work!

and good to know my engineered DBE needs no jumponium for all these routes ... even in its bubble ready combat outfit :D
I've just entered this one in EDSM and anyone attempting it would definitely benefit from your calculator :D

Paradox Shortcut (Perseus Arm to Outer Arm Vacuus)

This is a shortcut across the Perseus Fade between the Perseus Arm and the Outer Arm Vacuus. Some 7,200 LY east of the centre line, it would save over 15K LY for anyone wishing to travel between the two arms.

I've named it the "Paradox Shortcut", partly after my current ship Paradox Drive but also because even though it saves many thousands of LYs, the amount of jumponium required would most likely take longer to collect than the time it would take a ship to travel those LYs!

Important notes:

  • cannot be crossed unless your ship can jump at least 45.45 LY without jumponium (so must have a increased range modded FSD)
  • if your range is less than 55 LY then you may require extra basic boosted jumps at either end of the given route
  • the systems have not been prospected so make sure you have enough jumponium before attempting the crossing. You will need to make multiple premium boosts

Waypoint details at
So far I have:

1. Hyperion Bridge
2. Heisenberg Bridge
3. Barbara Hop
4. Northwest Passage
5. Zeewolf's Crossing (partly)
6. Paradox Shortcut
7. Daedalus Crossing

And I'm working on the Roncevaux Crossing.

I'll make a map of the location of each route soon.
just passed through this... congrats on finding this
Got a not comprehensive guide but still
Yttrium Niobium Arsenic and Polonium are all available in the first system...
Arsenic: you really should have
Niobium: in most systems across the route
Yttrium: wpt 4 (2), 17 (1)
Polonium: wpt 9 (A 3)
Note: there are more bodies in the systems across the route so there may be more opportunities there
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