Galapagos Tortoise Video on twitter

Wow! The animation looks so real. The shell looks like it's got some serious weight, and you can almost feel it with each step. Outstanding Frontier.

I can't wait to get a few of these in my Zoo.
This model looks great. Giant tortoises like all reptiles continue to grow their entire lives. The giants that we are used to seeing in zoos are also old. 50+ years. These old giants are much rare and more expensive or difficult to acquire. I really hope that we see some realistic aging in the game. Not just two growth stages: baby and adult. It is bizarre to see a tiny hatching tortoise magically turn into a giant. Young zoos with no reputation could like only acquire juvenile tortoises. As the zoo ages and grows these animals would grow into the majestic giants that zoo visitors expect and demand. Changes like these would encourage players to keep playing older zoos.
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