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Galaxy Map Items Not Selecting==Very Annoying

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Bug is repeatable, every game session


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This bug is very annoying and I am surprised its not mentioned; maybe something about my particular setup causing it?

Anyway the bug is that on the galaxy map, often times clicking, pressing enter or doing anything at all in fact will not select whatever is currently chosen/hilighted. I often have to move to other tab then back, even then its not guaranteed to be selectable. It is random in occurance but very frequent. And really annoying now.

Win64, no software installed other than Joystick Gremlin that could be messing with inputs. I could be willing to entertain its joystick gremlin causing problem if other users advise in which case I will learn to live with bug as my macros are too useful.

Bug happens whether I press enter key or the fire button on joystick or mouse click. The thing that is highlighted/under the cursor just wont select until I move to other menu then back again. Sometimes doing this will not even fix it and I have to try a few times before it becomes selectable(it is still hilighted, just wont select when clicked). It happens both on left panel(ie selecting name of system then *trying* to press enter), or selecting a system on right.

It happens in VR and fullscreen also. Anytime galaxy map is open it can happen, anywhere, anytime.

Help would be appreciated, as would confirmation from other users if they have similar bug also.

Signing off,

CMDR Gavin786

Steps to Reproduce
Happens almost every time I open the galaxy map.

Additional files?
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