GalCom... a place for all groups to coordinate and take part in a proactive community.



I am CMDR Jayce Reveur, founder of the CESS and GalCom.
For those of you who are not aware, CESS (Cone Expedition Support Service) was a community project aimed at gathering as many of the players interested in taking part in the Cone expedition in the one place. This allowed player groups and individual pilots to co-ordinate their efforts and game play which saw some very interesting group initiatives and activities arise during our time with the Gnosis.

We gained quite a lot of traction with over 350 members joining (12 participating wings) and also gained the attention/ support of key members of groups such as Canonn, AXI and the team at SAGi magazine.

As over a dozen activities and features were primed for release during the expedition, I do not want to see the time and efforts of myself and other contributors wasted... nor do I wish to see something with such potential for the community to be flushed away by matters out of our control.
SO.... We are using the momentum from the success of the CESS community to re brand this initiative as GalCom, the Galactic Community Network.


The intention of GalCom is to provide an easy and intuitive way for pilots from many different player groups to meet and coordinate their efforts during large scale community events...
or just during general game play.
We genuinely want to see the Elite community realise its potential for cooperative efforts more often.
By providing a non committal service that literally rewards you just for playing the game in a social setting, this should help all of us realise this goal.

-GalCom will not have any political agendas of its own and will be considered neutral ground regardless of player groups power affiliation or creed. Much like the Pilot's Federation.

-We will not require any obligatory participation from you in game.

- We will seek to promote as many community initiatives as possible, we also hope for this to be a place where we can develop UNOFFICIAL CGs.

- By hosting regular, voluntary events decided on by the community with prizes and in game rewards, we hope to fill a gap within the level of community involvement/influence of the Elite galaxy.

-We are strictly trying to build a platform where the entirety of the community has the potential to coordinate and shape the Galaxy the way they see fit.

Our voices will be louder and more likely to be heard by the developers if we speak as one.
We do not want to shape you, we want to help YOU shape the galaxy!


We have several special features and events planned and already available to participating player groups including...

- Screened Private Group Server

- Monthly community content comic featured in upcoming SAGi issues

- Intuitive Discord

- Regular Events

- Regular Prizes/Awards

- Custom wing organisation

- Trello available with Data repository and many useful tools with more features always in the works.


  • Not just another Elite discord!

  • Simple "one-react-assignment" of roles, wing membership and other various functions.

  • Intuitive lobbies organising players by platform (PC,XB,PS) and their associated player groups.

  • Lots of effort has been put into underlying code to help make this discord more manageable by the community.

  • Opportunities to co-ordinate with/ access to prominent members such as Canonn, AXI, SAGi.


  • Manage your player group's own mini discord within our discord!

  • Designate Ambassadors to gain access to moderation permissions within the embassy, allowing you more control.

  • Invite members from other player groups into your embassy (permanently or temporarily, its up to you) to assist with cooperative or inter wing operations, without having to bring them into your own official communication channels.

  • Establish a hierarchy within your group based on actual in game presence and participation, rather than how long ago they pledged.


  • Regular "sporting" events ranging from canyon races, various combat and scavenger hunts to more creative and inspired events such as SRV rocket league (we figured that out!!), Icarus Wings (danger close to sun) events and many more that you will have to join and see...

  • Prizes and rewards available for ALL EVENTS including: Frontier store gifts, in game rewards, a custom commendation and medals system available online exclusively to members. With more ideas on the way and recommendations always appreciated.

  • Wages system on the way for player groups that wish to offer more in the way of rewarding members for role play, commitment and participation.

  • Custom medals and commendations available soon through intuitive trello interface. All commendations have an associated in game or Frontier store reward.


  • Bring yours or your wing experience to the table and help other pilots learn the ropes.

  • Roles available for several areas including combat (PvP and PvE), exploration, outfitting, engineering, making bank, xenos hunting, scientific research and a whole lot more...

  • Regular rewards for community trainers/ advisers.


  • With support from the team at SAGi, you can potentially have a more direct influence on the Galaxy's media than ever before.

  • Opportunity to have your own created media accessed by a large community of players that all have the same thing in common... We love Elite: Dangerous and want it to reach its potential.

  • Comic series following key community events and RP stories. Images submitted and edited by our community.(will be printing a limited, pulp fiction press if it gets enough support)

It may seem like it is not complete, and it isnt.... for that we need all of you!
This is not something I started because I want to have a group of my own (I already have a few) I genuinely want to see the Elite community realise its potential for cooperative efforts more often.
By providing a non committal service that literally rewards you just for playing the game in a social setting.... I hope to see us wowing the gaming community Mr Wilson style on the reg.


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