GalNet: Imperial Slaves are not Slaves & other Lore issues; Elite-opedia needed

GalNet has recently published articles that contradict the lore that has been both officially established or implied by previous statements. In a recent GalNet article, for instance, entitled 'Anti-Slavery Organisations Unite' Imperial Slaves were again confused with slaves. In this interview in 2017 David Braben makes it clear that they are entirely different & Imperial Slaves are protected.


Many games have an official 'encyclopedia' of sorts that is the unquestionable definitive version of the lore. I think Elite: Dangerous would benefit greatly from having such an encyclopedia so that people can get to know the Elite universe & so that any confusion or contradictions can be addressed by it and amendments to it. Perhaps the forthcoming Codex is an ideal home for such an Elite-opedia?

CMDR Justinian Octavius
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Regardless of if they are slaves or not slave* , it makes sense the organisation that seek to end the tradition of Imperial Slavery would call them Slaves.

And sadly as much as one can cite in lore sources that Imperial Slavery is legally protected indentured servitude with rights and protections, under the Governance of the Imperial Slavery Association, it is just as easy to find in lore sources of those rights and protections being blatantly ignored and abused and Imperial slaves being treated like expendable chattel slaves.
There are DDF posts by FD that state that the original intention of iSlaves was to have them transported as passengers, some of them fairly high class. But the same posts also said that normal passengers could also be transported in cans for cheap travel, though preferred not to as it was easily possible for a disreputable CMDR to sell them as slaves rather than take them where they wanted to go.

Here's a link to one of the DDF threads: Revised Slaves in Elite Dangerous

These ideas were far more complex than what we have now.
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