Galnet News: review of the year 3303

For those that don't regularly listen to the Lave Radio and/or Hutton Orbital podcasts, they each feature a superb twice weekly review of what's happening in and around Galnet News, done in his own inimitable style Mr Peter Wotherspoon.

Last year I compiled his two excellent "review of 3302" podcasts into a single youtube video which I then shared over here:

This year Pete has made his own end of year review videos which I'm sharing here for the benefit of those who might not have picked them up via the podcasts or the Hutton Orbital facebook group.

Enjoy! (all rep to Pete Wotherspooon ... or just give it to me and I'll use it to fill his beer glass at Lavecon 2018).


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Finally got around to listening this these.
Not too bad a summary, but as always - there's so much more going on than is reported.
Cool, but you should get higher quality video footage.

I'm not a fan of the intonation when reading the sentences. You should make it more like an actual newscast.

Maybe have Obsidian do a voice over. :p
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