Galnet news

I love the galnet news. It’s one of my favorite parts of elite. I downloaded a third party app on my phone so I can read the galnet when I’m not online. The only thing I dislike about the galnet is that we only get new news every 2-3 days. The galnet is serving more than 6.6 trillion people, I know there are other news sources, but you have to be docked at stations to read them. I just think it’d be cool if we got at the very least 1 post per day. Even if the posts had nothing to do with upcoming content, it could be a bunch of random unimportant stuff and I’d be happy. One more thing and I’m done; idk about everyone else, but I love reading about the far god cult stuff, but I can only read about that 1-2 times a week. Please give us more of that.
CMDR ProSlayer242
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