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Hi everyone,
why is it in this game so that vehicles and personnel can not be attacked by the dinos ?! somehow the tension has been removed from the game! When we were taught one of the movies it was like that the dinos always represented a danger to all and I can not remember that one of the carnivores ever walked around a vehicle like a giraffe on safari tour .... the game is going by fast boring ... no action! that's still jurassic world and not zoo tycoon! where is the tension? as Muldoon said, "rest now! and all! they are coming to the T-rex enclosure now. "or feeding the raptors could provide more tension, it's almost nothing special to have a rex or raptor in the park ...
All in all, it has nevertheless become a successful tycoon children's game with a very good graphics that give the game at least a jurassic park / world atmosphere
The dinosaurs can’t attack the ranger jeeps because it’s a licensing agreement Frontier made from Jeep, the company who owns the jeep model as you see in-game. And with the tour attractions, I think that’s just for general in-game consistency because the visitors don’t have the kind of rescue system as you probably were expecting.
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