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Game bug



Area of Game Affected
Main Menu Globe/Friends

Everytime I launch the game I get a GPU Crash Detected; message, yet my GPU isnt crashing. Any way to fix this?

Steps to Reproduce
Step 1. I launch the game on steam
Step 2. I got a message that the GPU Crashed
Step 3. Got in the game nothing workes in the game


Frontier QA Team
Staff member
Hey Mr.GingerPlays,

Thanks for the report and sorry for the frustration caused by this.

Can you please ensure your graphics card driver is up to date.

If you get this again can you make sure to send the crash report that should pop up as that will contain all the information we need to investigate the cause of the issue.

If I can get your Steam ID number I'll be able to track down this crash report for you and let you know if there is anything that can be done on your end to improve things.


I fixed the problem I just redownload the game and it works but still thank you for the help

Greatings from
Boris (Mr.GingerPlays)
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