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Game Crashing when build or eddit somthing



Area of Game Affected

My game crashes when ever I build or edit a ride or a building or a path. it happens all the time and it is making the game unplayable.
I love the game and I have waited for it to come out since I heard about it last year. I don't want to give up on the game but if this issue is not fixed then that can be a deal breaker for me, and I will consider the porches of the game as a wasted of my limited money. Has any body else had this problem.

Steps to Reproduce
I don't know if it can be reproduced on any other computer.


Hello there

It may be helpful if you can give us a few machine specifications. To do this press the windows key, then type dxdiag. Run the application shown.

You may as well say 'yes' to the check if the drivers are signed prompt.

Wait a tick while it does some stuff, then click on 'Save all information' and save the text file somewhere easy to find, like the desktop.

Open the text file, copy the contents and paste them here.

It will give a load of information about your PC that may help.


Frontier Animator
Hey Skyedarque (WFG), when the Submit Crash report screen appears please send them to us with a description of what you did to make it happen as these go directly into our data base to be looked into.

If you can as well include this URL in the report as it will aid with our investigation.