Hi there. I want to thank you for all the work you have put into this game and the updates. I think it’s coming close to perfection. I have a list of ideas I hope you use in future updates:

-Marine Dino’s exhibit/ 15 to 20 species of marine Dino’s housed in an aquarium built on the coasts of each island and/or put them underground in tanks and have subs/boats go past them. I’d like to see mosasauras, plesiosaurus, ichthyosaurus, ect...

-Flying Dino’s exhibit/15 to 20 species of flying and feathered Dino’s kept in a aviary built in the different islands mountains and have a tram or roller coaster go by the different cages. I’d like to see pteranodon, quetzalcoatlus, microraptor, archaeopteryx, ect...

-Baby/small Dino’s. Have an indoor pen where you can interact with baby Dino’s and look at the smallest Dino’s like compys in reptile house like pens.

-More building features like different gateways for different kinds of dinosaurs(green plant covered for herbs and red rock covered for carns) and a big welcome to the park gate besides the one that monorails come through. Also more variety of trees and plants like the ones found in the Dino’s ancient homes(mangroves,conifers,ferns,ect...)

-More Dino’s and actions. I’d like to see more Dino’s like segisaraus, microceratus, tarbosaurus, therizinosaurus, and utahraptor. Also I’d like the Dino’s to do more basicly(brachs eat the top leaf on trees by standing, raptors test fences, and turning heads to look right into gyros/trucks, ect...)

-Finally is like to see more kinds of gameplay. I would have an option where a ranger can leave the Jeep and armed with a tranq riffle he can take down Dino’s on foot. He could have flares to distract carnivores, stop movement if a trex is looking at him, treat a sick Dino instead of shooting with needle, and anything else that would be hands on. Thank you for reading and I hope this helps with future developments.
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