Game locking up/freezing every couple minutes

What can I do about this? It freezes and I can't do anything until it unfreezes which takes anywhere from five to 15 minutes or more. The game takes up 6,427.9 of memory but that number fluctuates depending on how many objects are in the park. I do have other processes running like Windows Media Center, Firefox, etc. Right now my memory is at 76%. I think I have 32gb of RAM but it is expandable to 64gb I think.
if it just started doing it it might be overheating and needs cleaning

did you add or change anything hardware or software wise?
32GB of memory is probably overkill as it stands.


It may not be you. There's couple other threads right now describing similar trouble, I'd monitor those for now and see what happens. Meantime you should probably open a ticket with Frontier.
When the game autosaves, depending on the size of the park/file, the whole thing freezes up until the save is complete, and sometimes stays frozen for a minute or two afterwards. I have had the same issue. And since the game autosaves every ten minutes, and can take up to five, it makes playing the game very frustrating indeed.
Mine just locks up the whole machine. It's not overheating. It used to only happen in large parks after a good amount of time of play. Now it happens almost as soon as I load a park (any size) and the game is virtually unplayable. I got through half a month of ingame time yesterday and that was the longest stretch all week. Today it even locked up while loading.
I wonder if having a dedicated machine for Planet Coaster would help. Meaning a very powerful computer with very little other software installed or running while Planet Coaster is running. And the most RAM installed.
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