Game: Make Your Own Seasonal DLC

So, as I was trying to figure when fall (or autumn) officially starts, I was thinking that that could be why we're not getting an announcement because they (the devs) wanna wait until we're closer to the season.
Then I pictured what the keyart may look like and I pictured a zoo set in a forest with a majestic deer in the foreground.

Then I got the idea: why not make DLC based off of the seasons? So, here we are.

  1. Must fit current mechanics (no flyers or full-aquatic)
  2. Must be current DLC formats (4+1 animals plus scenery OR 7+1 animals)
My choices are heavily influenced by what I've seen when and also what's found in the northern hemisphere:

  • Animals
    1. White-tailed deer
    2. Raccoon
    3. Wild boar
    4. American black bear
    5. Green tree frog (American)
  • Theme: lots of natural pieces, like what the Aquatic pack did, but more with flowers and a lot of green
  • Animals
    1. Puma
    2. Greater roadrunner
    3. Coyote
    4. Jackrabbit
    5. Texas horned toad
  • Theme: a lot of clay/stucco pieces, like adobes, Saltillo tile. Mexican-style, to symbolize the Southeast US desert architecture and Mexico
  • Animals
    1. Red deer
    2. European badger
    3. Red fox
    4. Wild turkey
    5. Fire salamander
  • Theme: similar to the Spring theme, but more involving fallen leaves, logs, dry grass even
  • Animals
    1. Musk ox
    2. Arctic fox
    3. Wolverine
    4. Seal (any species)
    5. Painted turtle
  • Theme: tundra theme, which is made up of Inuit architecture. It would be so nice and matches these animals

Wow, this was harder than I thought
I'm bored at the airport, so here's my list.

Spring DLC
  • Lar gibbon
  • Sloth
  • Red deer
  • Blackbuck
  • Iberian lynx
  • American alligator
  • Secretary bird
  • King cobra (E)

Summer DLC
  • California sea lion
  • Capybara
  • Asian small clawed otter
  • Addax
  • Emu
  • Przewalskii horse
  • Dromedary
  • Leopard gecko (E)

Autumn DLC
  • Moose
  • Alpine ibex
  • Tasmanian devil
  • Beaver
  • Raccoon
  • Red fox
  • Bennet wallaby
  • Fire salamander (E)

Winter DLC
  • Amur leopard
  • Walrus
  • Musk ox
  • Wolverine
  • Markhor
  • Baboon
  • Alpine marmot
  • Exhibit?
Alright I’ll play
My hypothetical DLC of 2022
Spring dlc
European pack
Theme: alpine or something that gives off a “grim fairy tale” or Harry Potter type of vibe or a deep dark European woodland
Animals: Red Deer, Iberian Lynx, Ibex, badger and fire salamander
Free feature: one way paths
Summer Dlc
Animals: Lar Gibbon, tree kangaroo, raccoon, howler monkey, hamadryads baboon, sloths (idc what type), possums and jacksons chameleon
Free feature: improved branchition for some existing animal (with the promise to update other animals similar to how they slowly helped diving animals).
Autumn dlc
Aquatic dlc 2
Theme: some kind of “ship theme”, while the aquatic dlc gives off an Atlantic theme of coastal European and Maine, maybe some kind of pacific vibe.
Walrus, marine Iguana, manatee (any), sea otter and coconut crab
Free feature: different entrances into habitats
Winter Dlc
Big birds
Sandhill crane, Rhea, emu, secretary bird, Shoebill, ocellated turkey, pelican of some kind and a dragonfly
Free feature: staff mobility example golf carts
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