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Game not syncing with the cloud


Most of the time

Area of Game Affected
Career Mode

Ever since the latest update (which did greatly increase game load speed Thank You!) most of my game saves are not syncing with the cloud. I save and quit the game exactly as I always have, but when I restart the game later I almost always get a message that the files on my computer do not match the files in the cloud.

Steps to Reproduce
1) Save game. 2) Quit game 3) Later Start game from Steam. Pls note: This happens in any mode not just career mode. I didn't see an appropriate "Area of Game Affected" selection.


Frontier QA Team
Staff member
Hi guys,

Thanks for making us aware of this issue. As always, if you're having issues with cloud saves, make sure you've enabled cloud saves on Steam for Planet Coaster.

I'll investigate this further. Please add anymore details to this thread if you have any.
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