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Greetings Commanders,

This thread is for posting your gameplay and design related Odyssey feedback.

Please keep each post brief and to the point, stating your observation/suggestion. This will allow us to easily collect and pass along all the feedback.

Avoid replying to other posts. This is not a discussion thread. If you would like to discuss Odyssey features/content please create a new thread. It is also not a bug report/issue thread. Please report those via the Issue Tracker.

Game Breaker Shuttle flight times

I just booked a shuttle to do a mission and it is taking 5 - 8 minutes to get to its destination. I am serious guys this is not going to work.
You can't treat on foot game play FPS the same as flying this is ridiculous waste of time and serves no purpose.
I love the Shuttle Service so far. I was afraid that it will be a Teleport to Destination, but to experience the whole flight? Awesome.
Its just fair that it takes the same amount of time that a regular flight would need if i fly myself, and its far better than a "fade to black, wait 10min" or "here, watch this nice video while you wait".

The Controls are a bit there a way to use the Interface-Wheel thingy with your mouse, or do you really have to scroll through it with Keys?
Is there some kind of "Base Map" that i can open, so that i actually know where i am, where my target could be?

The Warning between "You have been selected for a Security Scan" and "We now open Fire" could be a bit longer or more prominent. At the time i saw the Message, the Guard already shot me...
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Give us something to do in Apex taxi flight times. When i saw my mission destination was 157,000 ls away I quit, deleted my Commander and started again. At the very least let us 'sleep' and then you can do another of those 'fade to black' transitions you like so much and 'wake up' at our destination
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I got a mission to insert a power regulator at a dead base. Tried the different modes of my hack tool but nothing let me open the door to the generator room. There was no guidance on what to do or how to achieve the objective. Found no way to switch to a cutting tool, or if I have to buy such a tool, no clue was given where or how to do so. Saw several players with the same problem. Also, not sure what this would do to my mission result if someone else would end up putting in their power regulator. Should I kill them so they don't complete the objective for me?

Bugs: Vanishing terminal screen output when interacting with terminals, occasional mouse cursor offset from the UI selection, and sometimes the mouse cursor vanishes completely and then you either have to navigate blindly, or use the keyboard to make menu selections.
So I'm in and so far it looks good and plays smoothly. Haven't taken any missions yet, just set up keybinds and wandered around looking at things.

My 1st issue is the controls. Although my hotas binds seem to have carried over from the main game I'll mostly be using k+m for on foot. I've got movement sorted but I'm not initially impressed with other inputs.

As an example; if I set left click for fire primary weapon, I can't use it to interact with objects or people, I have to bind a key for that. I would have expected some sort of context sensitive controls, so that depending what I'm looking at left click shoots, or opens, or talks.

Having said that. it's early days yet, so I need to experiment more.
Mission Board:

The Info screen does not say how far away a mission takes place. It tells me the the target settlement, but not even the moon/planet it is on. Considering the huge travel times with Apex, the info screen should tell me at least how many ls from the main star a mission takes place. Ideally it shows how far away from my current location and an estimated travel time using Apex

As it just turned out it's 156,765 ls to an empty settlement for a Salvage contract. That's 156,765 ls one way, mind you. I also have to get back to deliver the material eventually...

Edit: Just as an addendum: I got there, entered a burning building, apparently got too close to a flame and died instantly. Mission failed and respawn at start 🤡
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So far, I feel like I've just been murdered within seconds of touching down by the NPCs. For some reason, they're all super hyped up and paranoid even if you're on a mission to resupply the station. I've tested this in both open and solo, so it's not players just being players.

The travel time for the shuttles is a little obscene. This test is meant to prioritize player interactions, but every mission is 10+ minutes away. The shuttles are still a great idea, but the provided system is maybe a bit too spread out for the sake of efficient gameplay and testing.
So far it's living down to expectations... The graphics are nice, but characters look dated and unfinished (when compared to games like Cyberpunk. It plays like a 20 year old FPS. Also the lack of tutorials means that it is incredibly frustrating. I spent about 8 minutes sat in the passenger seat of an Adder whilst it flew 146K LS only to realise when I got there that you can't open any doors without an e-hack, and that I have no way of actually accomplishing the mission I'd signed up for.
Not even bothering with Open Mode as the starter gear is so rubbish.
How do you switch modes on the charger? Would it kill you to add a tutorial?
So far it seems to play well, but I noticed a few things.

  • The interior of the shuttle is super dark, as if the ship is powered down. Even in free camera mode there are no exhaust from the thrusters.
  • I did a mission that was to wipe out scavangers. I have the Maverick suit and bought a automatic rifle. The mission threat level was 0 - so I assume it was safe for my first combat mission. The first NPC was a complete bullet sponge (two full clips and his shield was still at 30%) and killed me in like 15 seconds. Not sure if the mission threat levels are accurate or if the NPCs are too strong for the mission's threat level.
I know its not gameplay - but I noticed again (I put it on issue tracker in the past too) that ED Launcher just destroys my 150 mbit connection when downloading an update. It does something weird like wild torrent downloading that makes any other device in my home network having trouble connecting anywhere - waiting very long or in some cases 404-ing.

EDIT: I would like to add that while it does that it still downloads slowly and inconsistent (with varying speed and a portion of idling at 0 kb/s).
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