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I'm playing as CMDR Chris Starfire. These are my comments so far.

1. No, don't change travel times! Once we can do this in our own ships we can pick and chose missions to suit.

2. PLEASE, in missions SHOW DISTANCE TO MISSION TARGET SITE in ls from entry star (or distance to target base), as per current main game.

3. When clicking on INTERACT with a terminal, please CENTRE the interaction screen! Unless I have CAREFULLY lined it up in my screen view, I can be missing certain options, including sometimes the EXIT button, so I have to GUESS if I have it highlighted!

4. Once you have taken off in a shuttle, it would be good to be able to re-allocate the destination while in flight! I picked 2 missions, did the first, went to 2nd location, thought I had completed it, jumped in the shuttle, took off ... to find I hadn't got the personal documents I thought I had collected! Shuttle was now locked on travel to base of 150k ls travel.

More to come. Probably most of above already mentioned by others
First time posting on the forums after about 700 hours of gameplay lol

Anyway, here's my feedback from what ive seen so far; I'll try to keep gripes/issues/bugs that are likely just due to alpha state until the end.

Key: Pros Cons Suggestions


  • They feel big, and seeing the mail slot from the lounge is great
  • Small, fun touches of character make the space immersive (eg in-fiction ads, the dude snoozed out in the lounge)
  • Ability to negotiate rewards with in-person quest givers is great
  • They could still be bigger, and will desperately need to look/feel different per station type, controlling faction/superpower/etc
  • NPCs currently feel sterile, robotic, and copy/pasted in positions
  • Mission boards/NPCs are often unclear or do not mention required tasks/equipment for certain missions.
  • Terminals in general can have their displays obscured by glare from lights
  • Add information on what will (or may be) needed in terms of equipment / activity on mission briefings, so no one is flying 150,000 LS only to have to go home because they don't have an arc cutter yet
  • Add "distance to mission" in LS to the mission information.
  • Speed up or consolidate mission reward screen animations.
  • Slightly reduce number of non-interactive NPCs overall, and/or add dialogue/movement/reactions to player proximity
  • Scale is well done, big settlements are a genuine slog from one end to another
  • Genuinely spooky on the dark side of planets, flashlight illuminates just enough
  • Energy/First Aid/Ammo boxes aren't overplentiful. Makes combat interesting when you have to run and find supplies
  • Appreciate limited grenade inventory, and planetary grav affecting throw trajectory
  • Enemy combat roles, while early build, make engagements interesting
  • Fire damage is insane, and hits through floors/ceilings
  • Quickwheel is overly cumbersome to use mid-fight, seems to have issues with mouse input (though that could just be me)
  • Guard hostility gradient is... high, and often unclear until shots are already being fired.
  • Container passwords are obnoxious in that you can only have one "saved" at a time.
  • There are too many ways to get "locked out" of missions.
  • Add a trajectory plotter for grenades when input is held, either as a baseline or an engineer mod
  • Make bounds of fire damage more clear, and scale it down (at least for shields and/or the first few moments of exposure)
  • Have terminals center on screen with a long-press of the interact key or with the secondary interact
  • Give guards an additional state, where they will train their weapon on the player and tell them to call themselves a shuttle. Lack of compliance within X seconds, sprinting, or drawing a weapon causes kill-on-sight aggression. Guard follows player until their shuttle arrives and they board.
  • Give terminals in a given location a node that players can scan/hack/whatever that will have a chance of downloading one/some/all container passwords for that area.
  • Please, please PLEASE make disabling alarms to a base kill the fire alarms as well
  • Zero-risk-to-ship-travel is great
  • Actually travelling in the ship for the whole journey is wonderful immersion
  • Travel times are often too long and unpredictable
  • Hostile NPCs often camp out at landing sites
  • Add estimated travel time to shuttle bookings
  • Upgrade the FSDs on those Adders, or allow for faster travel at increased cost.
  • Allow round trip flights (with, say, 2-5 minutes of ground time before the flight leaves), scheduled pickups, and or multi-stop trips

I feel like any of the bugs I've encountered have likely already been mentioned. I will say that I appreciate the infinite supply of power regulators for the time being :ROFLMAO:

Fly safe CMDRs -- or dangerously. Whatever, I'm not your dad

PS: Devs, please never remove the sleeping man from the lounge. He's perfect.
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Two big takeaways for me:

- I have NO IDEA how inventory works now. I seem to have personal and ship/taxi inventory? I also seem to have items like power regulators and personal documents that I picked up at some point but disappear again when I need them.... though I can still sell them? It's not clear what the maximum number of things I can carry is - it seems to be that 3 medkits is the max when I'm trying to pick them up, but the store UI seems to indicate I can buy more? Also, the consumables and health recharge when I get back into the taxi, don't know if that's intended?

- The damage/injury indicator needs to be WAAAAAY more prominent. A small red arc is not enough.
I did see somewhere depending on the suit you wear the inventory is up to 200 items, don't quote me on that, though a do know only 3 each of the consumables can be stored but sometime they will vanish when return back to stations.
More thoughts!

  • I realize that perhaps we have not seen the whole thing with phase 2 about to drop, but I'm very worried about the current state of weapon and armor engineering. Firstly the grind is INSANELY bad. Second this will easily drive folks away from PVP because the weapons only do more damage with zero drawbacks, so getting the most powerful option is a must for PVP.
  • Perhaps one option is to have the weapons start out doing more damage but the more mod slots you add the less damage they start to do. Mods can be swapped but mod slots are permanent.
  • I hope we have a Feet CQC! And/or surface CQC with foot/srv/fighter combat!

  • I wish the mission computers had more info or a snippit of a story; basically like the mission giving NPCs.
  • When you first open the Terminal you should be able to use the mouse!
  • Let us stack related missions to one destination! Like if I have a recovery mission and there are scavengers there let me take both the recovery and raid missions! Or multiple raid missions to the same settlement from different factions (could maybe generate more scavengers due to the popularity).
This has probably been mentioned before but, just in case it hasn't...

Some salvage missions cannot be completed because of the following combination of factors:
  1. The item is located within a locked container (authorization level required to show code in consoles).
  2. The settlement has no staff (cannot clone auth level).
  3. The settlement has no power (auth scanning cannot be disabled since the scanner console cannot be powered via the energylink).
  4. E-breach tool not available in Alpha.

This could be alleviated by implementing one or more of the following:
  1. The mission gives required auth level (least favorite option...too simple).
  2. Add a cuttable maglock to boxes just like with lockers (not my favorite either...feels like more work should be required).
  3. Enable E-breach (this is OK but...the mav suit should be able get to everything with a bit of work...what's the point of the mav suit if not to break into things?).
  4. Allow powering the authorization and alarm consoles using the energylink (I like this since you would still have to cut into buildings using the mav suit, find the auth console, power it up to disable auth scanning, and then power up another console to get the code).
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I think ObsidianAnt got a lot of good points about the gameplay:

I see that OdsidianAnt said about re-spawn in our ship and fly back to a station, i think he forgot there are terminal on the settlements so we could get missions where we re-spawn that's if the settlement is powered.

If we re-spawn in our ships we would have 2 options one we land at the settlement below, and 2 we go to a nearby station/settlement, the second would apply if a settlement had no power.

On a death if we had an option as to where we want to re-spawn ie on our ship in orbit, on the settlement landing pad where we were killed, or anywhere we choose in the systems map.
Regarding Steath: The main problem I see with stealth is the difficulty of "reading" a scenario and the lack of forgiveness involved. It seems to be a binary "pass/fail" without any visible mechanic to let us know if we should back off or not. I don't think you have to go gamey to the effect of having visible "awareness" meters (like the opening eye in Skyrim), but there should be something we can work with. Some visible tell. Heck, maybe they're already there and we're just not seeing it?

Warning us for having a tool or weapon out is good (makes more sense for a weapon, not so much for a tool unless it's something like a cutter, or the illegal mode of the other tools) but going from "I'm warning you" to BLAM BLAM BLAM seems excessive.

What if you were told to get off the planet ASAP of they will be authorized to use lethal force (for the bases that follow rules, that is...). That way you know that if you're spotted again all bets are off.
It appears that if one waits too long to disembark, the disembark option becomes greyed out and one can no longer disembark. Reloading does not re-enable the disembark button but closing the game completely does (whew!).
Scenario - I am given a mission to steal some data from a shut down settlement, which requires me power it back up, along with level 3 access. It says so in the mission. However, it seems I wasn't given a power regular, as I found out when I got there.

So, I figure. Okay, a power regular can also be taken out, right? So I go to a station and take a job to power up a colony, then take that regulator to the previous mission site, on the assumption I could then take it out when done and use it on the next mission as intended.

Only problem is, when I returned to the site, I was able to put the regulator in, sure, but I didn't have the access to turn the generator on (if I even had it). The only way to complete this mission I can think of requires that tool we don't currently have access to yet.

Still, I thought it was a cunning plan to work around the issue, and something I actually like about the game - being able to think outside the box. Had this been full release I would have bought the hacking tool to bypass and finish it that way.

But I figured it was important to mention this sequence of events in case it was relevant.
One late suggestion: when you fail to negotiate a higher pay for a mission, have the NPC simply offer less of a reward than the initial offer, rather than having them completely clam up.
One late suggestion: when you fail to negotiate a higher pay for a mission, have the NPC simply offer less of a reward than the initial offer, rather than having them completely clam up.
That honestly doesn't make sense. If you wouldn't do it for 10,000, what makes them think you'd do it for 9,000? I like the fact that if you fail they offer the exact same, and only refuse you entirely on a critical failure.
Regarding NPC actions

Let's say you shut off the atmosphere to a building in a colonized settlement. Not because of a fire, but just because. Right now all that happens is that those inside (should) wear helmets.

What if, after a minute, one of the guards or scientists comes to where that atmospheric control is and turns it back on?

For one thing, it's logical behavior. For another, it could be used to set up an ambush on a stealth mission.

Could this kind of thinking apply to other functions on the base?
Quick one: If I'm clearing an empty settlement of scavengers (especially on an extermination mission) I should not gain bounty if, during the firefight, one of my bullets hits a base turret. The site is abandoned! At most it should be a fine for reckless endangerment of property. Or perhaps the bounty clears on exit (because the site is abandoned).
"Thanks for clearing the scavengers for us but one of your bullets accidentally hit one of our turrets so the sentence is death."
Don't be afraid to change up the "formula" for missions. For example, if you have to reactivate a colony, occasionally have it that the power regulator is somewhere in the settlement....maybe even in the hands of a Scav. Same with mission-specific access codes. Just as one example. Instead of assassination missions, have the odd kidnapping mission, or maybe Prison Break/Hostage Rescue Missions, that could potentially all chain to various types of passenger missions.
Kidnapping missions would be great if you added more to the stealth mechanics.

You stun them with the overcharge device, then have to carry the body to the shuttle/ship.
Distances and journey times in systems.

The System map should clearly display the distance from the arrival point in Ls as it does in the live game. The same information should be part of the on foot mission information just as it is in ship based missions in the live game.

When at the Apex desk booking a local journey the approximate journey time should be displayed along with the price, in or near the booking button. For Interstellar trips total distance in Ly how many jumps and distance in Ls would be good information to have alongside the cost.
Hi all,

A few thoughts from last night's yet-another-aborted-attempt-at-a-power-restore-mission (this time because I was given a fine for breaking and entering even though I had L3 clearance granted for the mission, then blown into pieces for this minor misdemeanour whilst trying to fit the power regulator!
  • I don't understand inventory management. I can only define a loadout at a station terminal? But I can only equip it when in a ship? Why can't I define and equip when in a ship, or specify a loadout as default whilst configuring it at a station?
  • Inventory management is also weird. I seem to be able to manage all of my inventory when in a ship, but can only view what I'm carrying when on foot, and when in station I don't appear to be carrying anything but I'm able to trade things with the bartender as I'm carrying everything! When on foot at a settlement I can call a taxi just to treat it like a portable toolbox, swapping things in and out as I please! Do I still pay the taxi for this generous service?
  • I find it weird, but nonetheless interesting, that I can look at the details of the Apex taxi whilst I'm being transported in it.
  • Why, when in the Apex, so I sit in a crew-member seat and not in a cabin?
  • Why are all the shops etc always the same company? We don't have this branding elsewhere in the game, e.g. shipyard, outfitting, commodities market, brokers, etc, so why have it when on-foot? It's frankly unbelievable. I would like there to be unique names for all shops, procedurally generated, per station/port.
  • Similar for the NPCs. They are always the same (as far as I can tell) at a particular station or port, regardless of the time of day - don't these people ever sleep?! There should be some variations, make it more believable.
  • Concourses. I can understand at a penal colony or small port or outpost that there is only one concourse and it's small, but for large stations or ports, like Hopkin's city, I don't believe all pilots from all docking bays would be in the same space, or that that space would be so small with so few people in it. Can we have more concourses for the big stations, maybe some variety, certainly mixing up the NPCs.

  • I'd like to be able to lean like in Thief. I'm sure other games have done better stealth mechanics since then but I don't play many FPSes and for me the gameplay in Thief was excellent. I loved leaning around and picking off a guard with a well aimed arrow. But for some reason leaning isn't possible in Odyssey, even though with low gravity we should be able to lean to some quite incredible angles! Especially with the mag-boots.... Oh come on, there are some amazing gameplay opportunities here, please make the most of them.
  • As I said before there are loads of glitches, too many to list and I now tend to look past most of them. I'm tempted to make a video to show what things look like but I doubt the dev or QA team would have time to look at it.
Cheers 🙂
I think base mechanics need another couple of layers. By way of example:

- it did not seem like depressurizing a building did anything when I attempted it. It did not flush the workers out or I did not notice anyone come to investigate the area where I performed the action within several minutes of waiting.

- base defense are static... I restored power to a station with scavengers, then snuck into Ops and turned on the personnel defenses and the anti-ship turrets but there was no reaction either to to Scavs or support when I started fighting them despite my level 3 clearance (and their supposed lack of clearance).

Perhaps there should be another layer but a smart and sneaky commander should be able to employ base defenses somehow.
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