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The grenade type/count needs moving to the bottom-left part of the HUD. If you're reloading or switching weapons you can't see type/count that you have selected.
A few things seem to have changed since - can we get an updated breakdown of the on-foot HUD ?

Things like there are three icons around the minimap now. One seems to be for temperature warning, the third is "active player bounty" or at least something to do with criminality in the current location, or is it global? The middle one ("stop" sign) I'm not sure. No Access Level? Carrying stolen items? what?

And the linked forum post doesn't seem to mention/call out the access level showing on NPCs. It could also REALLY use a zoomed in view on the NPC information to be sure we know all the components.
So, just a couple of minor quibbles.

I have been to multiple stations/settlements, & a large bulk of the service providers-especially the bartender-look identical. Just consider a bit of additional variety there.

When I take a mission from a mission provider, don't have them bug me about if its done until at least 15 minutes after I have taken the mission ;) .

I do hope the Devs will consider extending these on-foot missions to space-based Outposts, Stations and other space facilities. Those Station Rescue and Repair Missions will be even cooler if we can disembark from our ships and seek out the survivors on foot ;).
I've been thinking about Multicrew and Odyssey. I can imagine being able to instantaneously get over to another crew on the other side of the star system and join them on their missions and adventures.

Will that mitigate everybody's complaints about slow taxi transit times?
How will that work when it comes to telepresent crew getting "critically injured" or acquiring components and other objects?

On a related note, I also note that when you do get critically injured, or turn yourself in to the law enforcement people, you are instantaneously transported back to a facility, often at the other side of the star system. Is this too exploity? Should all transitions from "death" to "respawn" be done in real time? (even if the death occurs on the other side of the galaxy?) And if so, can we please have missions to be a "rescue ranger" to recover injured people and escape capsules and return them to the appropriate authorities?
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One thing I am also thinking we need, is some kind of financial/asset cost for being critically injured whilst on foot (assuming you have no team mates around to revive you-which is something else I think we need). Basically just high enough to discourage people from being intentionally reckless.
Please make the on-foot external camera signal not a simple line of sight thing. Currently you can't even move the camera on top of/behind the bar without losing signal. Nor can you move the camera outside the windows when on-foot in a station. This precludes the possibility of moody "staring out the window" shots from external PoV.

You can still use this to see around corners anyway, so long as the camera 'drone' still has line of sight to you/"your avatar would be able to move there". Thus it's just annoying to lose signal so easily.
You can toggle your Flashlight on, at least using the Quick Items panel, whilst in-station. But even with 'show always' for helmet in Holo-Me you don't see your helmet or the source of the light. I can see the light beam on things.

Edit: Ah, or at least changing the helmet to 'always on' via a station terminal doesn't immediately show it as on your avatar. I can see another Cmdr running around here with their helmet on.
My input having tried several times to play.
No mouse on terminals....difficult to use.
Don't get me started on travel times...
The most annoying part is being killed by NPC's in a zero threat area and all I have done is walk to find the HAB!
Following unnecessary death, respawning and finding the completed missions are now lost. I'm surprised I have any money at all based on my death rate!
I'm sure things will improve but at present not fun and very boring!
After getting very frustrated & burned out early on, I gave the alpha another go.

I do find the sneak mechanic's to be extremely lacking.
I have liked the way other games I have played, give you some indication of the npc's suspicion status.
Also I think a lot more could be done with the audio, for sneak mechanic's.

Though I have been enjoying the music in game a lot.

I also think that once you have seen a code for a box, then the game should remember & give you the option to use the code.
I have written codes on pieces of paper for other games over the years, it is pretty boring to me now...
I would not have a problem if getting to see the code was a little harder.
However, jotting them down on a piece of paper constantly, is not something that inspires me...

I find the menu's quite clunky right now.
I imagine that once things are optimised, things will be slightly better?
However Odyssey so far seems to have, to much menu interaction!

Why has the option to have hot keys for items such as the medkit & Power packs not been included?
This seems a pretty basic, thing for most games.
Having to mess around with that wheel, while playing on PC is meh...

Still I do appreciate that a lot does work very well.
Thank you for that.
I look forward to the rest of Odyssey.

The treatment of all on foot accessible spaces as if they were 1g (apart from when jumping), is very disappointing. And don't get me started on discarded pizza boxes and opened top drink receptacles in outpost stations...

I think moving around on foot on low g planets in the kind of loping gait we saw astronauts adopt on the moon, would be rather fun. We needn't have absolute authenticity, with 0.1g planets involving strides that were 10s of metres long, just a reasonable difference between say high, normal, medium and low gravity. I also think it would make any kind of combat more challenging, and introduce new tactics that would differentiate Odyssey from the bulk of FPS games out there.
Allow us to loot a a portion of ammo from downed enemies. I'm not talking about a full or infinite refill, but maybe a magazine or two worth of ammo. In heavy fights you might as well just camp the ammo box and that should change.

Randomise the guard and NPC rotations at settlements within reason so that they cannot be completed exactly the same way every run, and that it remains a game, not a rinse and repeat.
Odyssey Core Gameplay Mechanics LACK depth!

As now, suits and weapons lack even basic stats like weight, per-shot damage etc.

The gameplay is artificially bloated and unimaginative, like why are you FORCED to by different suits for different tasks?
Why can`t not replace sidearm on your flight suite with a Cutting Tool and thereby trade off your offensive power for capability to finish repair missions early on?
Why can`t you buy extra pockets, extra weapon sling or stronger shield that would make you heavier and slow down your movement?
Why are ANY improvements to weapons and armor are locked behind mindless material grind and thereby mandatory exploit abuse?

In the core game literally every ship is more or less multipurpose: even fighters can have a cargo bay, and transporters have hardpoints!
What is an excuse to FORCE us towards different suits except for bloating the material-restricted progression curve?
My summarized "non-bug" Phase 1 Gameplay suggestions.

Mission scripting / message suggestions (player there with access permissions, e.g. reactor restart, legitimate supply or recovery). Assumption is player is there legally thus will be (temporarily) patched into base comms, once active:
  • Reactor activated: receive message "we've picked up the comms reboot, be advised your access clearances will be revoked in ( ) seconds". Depending on player faction status may be downgraded or removed entirely. Countdown timer applies some reality to being able to just loot the place, and forces you to plan ahead a little bit perhaps if you wanted to be mischievious (rob first, taking more risk of encountering adversity before completing the mission), plus gives you the tension of the countdown.
  • Reactor activated: scavs present and not dead yet - perhaps receive follow-on (chain mission) message to take them out. Fix the fact that they seem to be able to just pass door access and magically rally to the reactor to kill you the second power comes up,they should have to try and 'break in' like you did.
  • Another player arrives (open, not teamed), power still down. Possible to scale likelihood of whether they are in the same 'instance' as you based on threat level?
  • Another player arrives (open, not teamed), power still down. Possible mission update message "we just noticed some activity on long range logs, you may not be alone out there, watch yourself" warning?
  • Another player arrives, power up, base has 'alarms'. Audible area ambiance message "A shuttle has arrived at Pad ()". Possible direct comm from mission giver as above.
  • Reactor activated, some time has passed, player still loitering / faffing around / stealing. Chance of security team or crew arriving. Base announcement made.
  • Reactor activated, alarms active, player has done something that now marks them as hostile without deactivating security properly (opened biological containment, stolen production sample, etc etc). "Alarms" might be silent to not warn a thief but mission giver might ping them ("dude, we trusted just lost your payout. Nice knowing you." At least a 'game logic' warning of the likely insta-security spawning on them.
Base ambiance / additional mission type ideas: Colocate with bio or vulcanism sites
  • Station art and assets can appear to be 'cultivating' xeno plant growth, crystal growth, testing/drilling at fumaroles, geyser liquid/gas collection assets.
  • Control units for same for interactions, can mostly reuse something like atmopshere processors but just change text. Gas collection pump control; Crystal media feeder supply / spore isolation filtration control.
  • Missions to power these back on (or off, by adversarial mission giver).
  • Missions to steal samples.
  • Environmental hazards of the volcanic assets, environmental hazards if some units off (coolant control off = fires, killing filtration = toxified internal building atmospheres).
  • (Stretch) - Genetic xenobiological threats, primitive animal-like life in cages, being harvested for medical or industrial needs (near vacuum creater blood has properties as a viscoelastic lube or something). Actual chance of setting them loose on base residents, or having to fight them off to restart containment?? Obviously idea involves a whole lot of art/animation/behavioral assets not just base placement and mission scripting.
General on foot movement: There is not enough variation in player motility due to gravity! This is 'immersion' breaking but also in my opinion giving up on a gameplay / skill challenge element. If you want an easy mode there can be a "suit traction assist" on / off mode just like flight assist, driving assist.
  • Traction should be dicier on icy planets. Suit improvements can include options like ice spikes.
  • Player's ability to run should vary with gravity. More 'bounding' and spaced out steps for both walking and sprinting.
  • Player's ability to corner when sprinting should vary with gravity.
  • More dust / snow raised by player footsteps in low gravity (this I know might be a graphical limitation)
General on foot ambience/feedback in suit:
  • Better graphical indication of suit drain rate due to extreme temp (high or low). The temp symbol and battery dropping value aren't enough, need some sort of a rate throbber so we develop intution of how much our suit is compensating (like the throbber / pulse on the refuel bar in ship, but in reverse).
  • Better graphical AND AUDIO indication of taking environmental damage from fire especially. If it drains our shield and nearly isnta-kills us need more than just a slight red edging. I should be panting or screaming when taking massive immediate fire damage.
  • Better indication of direction of incoming fire
  • Melee damage: drops of blood splattering faceplate. Cracks / damage to faceplate from physical blows, excessive fall damage, running into things too fast (sprinting in low gravity and failing to turn - inertia should still be a thing).
  • When out of air/power, suggest dropping mobility by like 50% or more (assume we've been somewhat 'power assisted' and weight of suit is telling) but give us more time before we actually asphyxiate/burn/freeze. More like the 'emergency O2' time after canopy blows in ship, give us say 90 seconds countdown to allow for dramatic dragging yourself into a building in a firefight or against threat of stealth fail. Being in building (with atmo AND active power e.g. temp control) with a dead suit is highly mobility limiting and prevents all item use aside from the energylink, but is not a death sentence. Might let you 'reset' that 90 seconds and then try a danger crossing to another building, hop from one to the next attempting to find a suit recharge.
  • Suit upgrades might already be intended to include emergency power time or backup oxy that would extend this base 90 seconds some?
General concourse ambiance/Player or NPC interaction gameplay:
  • (here's where everyone accuses me of re-creating the module and ship delivery timelines): 'Sprinting' in station should just be a fast walk. I don't want to see player whackjobs racing around and near-static, always walking NPC robots. Give us a hurry option but just make it a bit less annoying. Make some NPCs look hurried.
  • Ditto, player 'crouching' in-concourse UI, if there is no gameplay reason to do so (interact with a low panel or shelf somehow) should just be a head nod sort of 'emote'.
  • Should be able to sit down, if only for ambiance if I choose to sit and chat
  • Basic timewasting / visual 'buy drinks' at bar.
  • Security or medical-suited teams traversing station from lifts to a door player can't enter. Or mil/police presences scanning NPCs. Related to system BGS states. (Just eye candy, but concourse SERVICES might also be BGS-limited. Open bar with NPCs loitering around blithely during a famine or quarantine makes no sense!
  • (Stretch??) Risk of player with really crappy faction stats or bounties to be scanned by NPC in concourses, related to security level, give us a reason to treat concourses as not just interactive UI lobbies. "Stretch" because need to think about what happens if they do scan you, are you under guard and hauled away or can you attempt to run with a base lockdown timer, other NPCs getting distressed. Right now I think concourses are totally non-interactive except at purveyors so I suspect this is too much to ask (new behaviors, animations, play loops).
  • NPC interaction: continually blocking will increasingly annoy them, agitate them, not just have them react verbally. If NPC assumed aligned with local faction might result in them 'comming' security, you get notified of faction status change. Mitigate pure buffoonery (some players will take that as mark of pride and still do it, just adds a modifier).
  • Mission givers too static. Should have 2 or 3 alternate locations, or sometimes there, sometimes not. Behavior needs to be a little more 'mission related' (the "go kill my former friends and steal their crap" mission giver might seem a bit more shady, try to gesture you behind a stack of crates, then look flighty and scamper off after you accept.
  • Why NPC mission givers when there's also terminals? Terminal missions can vary with background state obviously, but NPC mission giver presence (and offered missions) should too. Perhaps in extreme background states terminals only offer very basic loadout/legal services and mission solely related to 'fixing' background state (quarantine = fetch medicine / restart pharma site, famine = get scav looters out of agri site so we can restart (or adversarial 'prevent a restart so our faction can take over during famine'). NPC mission givers would be the possible exception to the BGS rule ("i know it's a quarantine but go get my gamepad, I'm desparate!")
  • "Illegal" mission givers provide you a specific place to re-meet on completion that's off concourse for more risk / gameplay. (Obviously not possible in Phase1, but might be as Alpha opens up).
  • Illegal mission giver chain mission opportunity: betrayal attempt on surface when you turn in, threat level dependent. Just tries to kill you himself, or summons goons? Authority shows up, you can side with either mission giver for bonus or authority to vacate fine for cooperating, but lose part of mission payout as penalty?
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@Bruce G,

There's a debate raging in another thread where certain participates state that a controller is the wrong device for playing an FPS on a PC. Please do not listen to these people. Many of us much prefer a controller over K&M or even HOTAS. Heck, I'm still waiting for PC ED to fully support the DS4 (it currently lacks gyroscopic headlook that is native to PS4). So my request is simple - do NOT treat controller users as second-class citizens. I'm not looking for special treatment, mind you. I don't even use aim assist in games like RDR2, so I don't expect aimbot accuracy with my controller, but if there is aim assist for the controller, it needs to be done right, and it should have an option to turn it off in the settings.

On this same topic, I don't think K&M users should be able to break the laws of physics. I cannot snap around 180 degrees in 1/10th of a second in real life, so my in-game character shouldn't be able to do this just because I can flick my wrist fast. This is actually one of the reasons I prefer controller over K&M, because the built-in inertia provides a more realistic and immersive experience. I do understand, however, that K&M will still have an advantage over controller when it comes to movement speed even if realistic "body inertia" is applied, and I accept that handicap.

Below is the quote regarding issues with the controller that concern me:
The controller aim assist just plain makes it more difficult to hit targets than if there was none at all. It often hard locks not even on the target, forcing you to really have to fight against it to get back on target. Or adjust aim from the body to the head. I mean REALLY fight it, using 100% thumbstick output, which often just makes your aim fly way off base when you finally break the lock like snapping a rubber band. Having it also apply to interactables is also just as awkward, confusing and unintuitive. It does however seem to be fine with mouse and keyboard.
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Regarding Handing in Missions
Yeah, Elite desperately needs an option where you can Turn In completed missions and pay bounties from literally ANY powered and GalNet connected terminal!
I tend to agree. But, with a restriction to 'any terminal where that Faction is present (system)', because a faction should be able to communicate in between its (ports/outposts/settlement) members.

  • Not anywhere in the universe.
  • Only in the system where the faction has a presence.
Handing in completed missions needs to be easier.
It's a drag having to go double the distance, the time taken, downtime before you can get started on the next (mission/Game) loop.
This downtime does not serve any purpose except 'illustrating that space is big' IMHO. It's the wrong goal for this kind of downtime.
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