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I posted feedback last night about falling out of the station. I went back to edit it just now because of Zac's post above. My post has been deleted.

Well played. I'll be damned if I post any more feedback now.


Just to clarify, as you said, your post was about a bug in the alpha, this isn't the thread to post bugs, they need to go into our Issue Tracker!
1 -as for known system it's posssible to have outpost map to prepare a raid or a mission ?
(if u have been there u can study building position to plot a way in and out after an assasination)
2- maybe u can buy outpost map from vendor to prepare action if u don't know planet/outpost?
3- scanning palnet or outpost from the ship to map building position

-Some kind of auto aim would be really helpful for controller users, it's quite frustrating to aim without it

-Everything looks extremely dark compared to Horizons even with brightness turned up

-The HUD and chat screen/transaction screen/status screen etc needs to look more like it does when flying a ship, it's really jarring and feels overly complicated as it is. It doesn't feel like it's part of Elite Dangerous to me.

-NPCs shouldn't all immediately know where I am when one of them spots me

-NPCs take far too long to kill

-Suit energy capacity is too low
Why does the taxi show full ship HUD when you can't control anything? Either make the Ctrl+Alt+G HUD off option formal and add it to the keybinds or use a different passenger friendly HUD that only keeps the side screens (on activation) and lets you look out at the galaxy in a rarely unoranged format.
Also, the arm animation when running:

<link removed so let's just say "it's a little bit dainty">
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I think there should be a system that either punishes or add restrictions to gankers when they kill a CMDR that doesn't have a fine or bounty, or safeguards you from failing certain missions to a point of progress, particularly transportation missions where you'd go and pick a mission item up.

It's a little demoralising when you just landed at a settlement, wondered around the surroundings and you haven't even completed one part of that mission before you'd get killed by a ganker, therefore failing that mission.
There should be a feature to import existing key bindings and add the default for on foot settings. Something like a popup that asks “use default on foot bindings y/n?” if you load a binding that has no on foot commands bound, and adds those to your settings.

Having to add all of them is annoying, and it’s not obvious why nothing is happening with your character when you start up, since I assumed that on foot defaults would be inserted. Since I’m not flying a ship or using a SRV, I just used a default binding, but I will be forced to fix my custom binding for ships/SRVs in the next stages.
So far the game looks good. Runs "OK". Gunplay is ok targets are a little spongy for my taste but the AI does a good job of pressuring you during a fight. Really like the shuttle system. The arc welder is an awesome machinic. It would be nice to see it implemented more. All in all not bad so far.
Despite my Graphics setting being on Ultra I'm seeing distorted graphics everywhere, Apex taxi looks like a Jackson Pollock painting, where the lights are on the front it looks like the entire ship texture is a placeholder, storage lockers and containers in settlements look like they are partially imploded, I understand that graphics haven't been optimised yet and if this is the norm for everybody that's fine but I've seen Youtube video's that look way better than what I'm seeing so I thought I'd mention it
Love the jetpack/Arc Cutter/Standing near the landing pad as your ride lands in clouds of dust, I was at an Abandoned Settlement last night getting ready to cut the panel, there was a warning light rotating behind me and my shadow moving across the panel each time the light turned combined with the breathing sounds was so immersive....then I died.......again
But... but... but... how...???

Apex rides so long. Suggest adding a sleep mode. You board the Taxi and tell the pilot "Wake me when we get there", screen goes dark, comes back and pilot saying "we are arriving". Otherwise these rides are way too long. I have spent 90% of my time sitting and waiting. This would allow one to accomplish so much more in ED.
Threat 0 should have zero threat, not Threat 1 Commandos loaded for Thargoids. AI is not only dumb but also has unerring aim. Environmental threat is fine.

Completing a mission before leaving a site should receive some sort of reward. No if buts or exceptions, critical injury should not be an auto fail after mission completion. Sure, reduce the payment but don't waste our time.
The COMBAT part is very underwhelming in its core philosophy and lack of skill-based fun. I wrote some detailed feedback in this thread:

Here are the major points:
Weapons and TTK:
Only energy weapons are viable at the moment. Kinetic weapons could be useful if they could kill an enemy before he raised shields.
Because of long TTK, bullets feel like peanuts and it takes extreme amounts of ammunition to take down an enemy.
Wearing two assault rifles: one for personal shields and one for bodies feels laughable from military perspective.

Creative Positioning of Weapons:
It should be more distinctions between Laser/Kinetic/Plasma/Explosive weapons beyond "Damage type".
Kinetic weapons could one-shoot anyone if shot to the head, or apply oxygen leak if shot on a costume. They should also apply equal damage on shields as energy weapons.
Energy weapons could shoot through transparent surfaces (It`s a LAZER, remember?!), so a player could attack anyone through a window while being himself protected from their plasma/kinetic weapons.
Explosive weapons - area of effect damage and bleeding damage beyond personal shields.
Plasma weapons could apply a slow burning damage on shields/costume which "Eats" them over time and can be neglected by rebooting shields.

Their shields do recharge terribly fast which makes longer confrontations unviable.
Can we get body part injuries, like you can shoot dudes legs and make him shoot at you while sitting on the ground/scream for a medic?

Time to Kill towards AI is way too long. It takes 2 magazines of an Energy assault rifle and 1 mag of a Kinetic sidearm to kill one marine. It is totally undermining player skill by reducing it to simple ability to stay on target.
I understand that weapons with more "DPS" are locked behind player progression, but "grind for bigger numbers" feels kind of lame and unimaginative.
Kinetic weapons should be able to destroy any opponent in 3-5 body shots and have an instant kill on a headshot.
Civilian personnel should die on 1 shot to the head or 2 shots in the body, no exceptions!
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Not so much a suggestion for the alpha phase itself, but the expansion as a whole and possibly post release.
But I would really like to see some sort of environmental interact hotkey. What I mean by that is something I know from the game Black Desert Online, where you have a universal key which lets your character interact with the environment in various, contextual ways. For example, if you stand with the back to a wall and press said button, your character will start to lean against said wall. If you stand in front of a stool, chair, bench or on top of a ledge (cliff, rock, tree, whatever) and press said button you will sit down. If you press it in the middle of nowhere you sit down straight on the ground. We could use this to sit down in the bar area, or to lean against a table (like some NPCs), or to lay down in a bed, etc.
It's already a little sad that we cannot even sit down anywhere, or buy some onionhead from our bartender fixer, but I think this could greatly increase the social and roleplay aspects within hubs - and other structures and environments we might see in the future. ;)
I know this had been mentioned in a few places, but the mission board needs more information. While I appreciate the updated look on the terminal, there are some ways this could be improved.

1. show the distance from the main star to the target destination. this is done in the live game already. it could be improved further by, if in the same system as the target destination, distance to target destination from current port.

2. The screen should auto center when you interact with the terminal. there were a few times, where I was looking at the screen and information was cut off because of being at a goofy angle. While it's a minor issue, it's still very annoying.

3. Maybe a new filter can be set in the mission boards for sort by nearest target destination? This could save the player from the hassle of needing to use a spreadsheet outside of the game to quickly determine (not waste time) which missions are more desirable.
ive noticed that environmental hazards kill from (figuratively) half a room away. i find this an issue as you can just accidentally walk into a room and die from electrical arcs or Fire damage.
yall have done an great job thus far and i look forward to the main game
System Map :

  • it doesn't show Ls Information at all anymore anywhere (I checked and can't find anything)
  • doing a mouse-over on a Body doesn't give any Info Window anymore and only the Body Name, meaning every single (!) Body has to be clicked to attain Information about it
  • in short, right now Usability has taken quite a nosedive compared to the live game System Map when it gets to speedy gathering of Information, especially if we were to have this with Exploration
MultiCrew Seat in Apex Shuttle :
- rechecked and it seems impossible to increase/decrease Scanner Range (live game AFAIK has the same issue when taking a MultiCrew position in the Cockpit), reducing Situational Awareness. Increasing Scanner Range while waiting around in a MultiCrew/Apex seat should be a thing, since there's nothing else to do but look around anyway.
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