Gameplay wishlist!

I’m not going to be talking about things I’ve seen a million people make posts about such as pathing upgrades and the like, though I’m sure people have made posts about the stuff below! These are just some things I personally wanted to mention!
First and foremost, I’d like the ability to turn on a “snap to grid” option, or something similar, for the building objects or decorations that don’t usually do so—I would really like the kind of symmetry and uniformity that would allow to my builds!
Secondly, I’d like to be able to create stairs of varying heights without having to use the shop trick like in planco! I always loved having terrain and height diversity in my parks, and I think it would be even more important in my zoos!
And lastly, though the least likely, I’d like to see some aquariums along side the vivariums and aviaries that have already been confirmed! (I think aviaries are confirmed?) In my personal visits to my local zoos, the most awe-striking and interesting parts for me are walking through the dimly lit aquarium buildings and really taking the time to look at all the fish, no matter how small!


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Thanks for your suggestions! :)

Aviaries are currently NOT confirmed. Any messages in that regard are -unfortunately- fake.
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