Games of chance/carnival game

I didn't see this in the main suggestions thread - so if it hasn't been added - I hope it's not to late!

Many theme parks offer the option to play games of chance in order to win prizes. Things like throwing a ball to knock down a pyramid of cups or shooting a water gun at a target and some such.

Some of the most well known are the clowns where you place a ball in the mouth and hope it lands on a certain number. And plucking a duck from a track with a hook on a stick.

This is what I mean:
Interesting idea indeed, would fit nicely with the modular buildings to theme them to almost any area. Coulda found some better pictures though then those sketchy looking carnival traps [pirate].

What comes to mind for me are the games along with walkway near Midway Mania in California Adventure or the shooting range in Frontierland. They'd look cool, add a bit a variety to the attractions in the park, and most importantly make a ton of money...
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I'm sorry but I don't really like this idea, I don't think it'll fit with the theme park thing, it's more a fair thing.
It is more of a fair thing - but I've seen it in multiple theme parks as well. Being in Australia, I grew up with Australia's Wonderland - which had many games of chance. Granted, the three major theme parks in Australia remaining do not have any carnival style games - but you can theme a midway style section of your park. It's just another element that could potentially be added, I think.

(Cedar Point @ Sandusky, Ohio)


(Carowinds @ Charlotte North Carolina)


(Six Flags Magic Mountain @ Valencia California)


(Universal Orlando @ Orlando Florida)


(Disney World @ Orlando Florida)


(Kings Island @ Mason Ohio)


Basically every Theme and Amusement park has games inside of the park. It's a natural thing. Especially for American parks.
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Would love to see games! I don't think any other recent coaster games have actually implemented games yet. So this would definitely be a welcome feature
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