Gamescom 2019 - Frontier Community Meet

Paige Harvey

Community Manager
Hi everyone, we've noticed a few emails in our community inbox about the tickets, and would just like to reiterate that the event is completely full. If you have an Eventbrite email called "You're Invited to the Gamescom Meet" but not the follow-up email with your tickets (which you'll only have received if you've confirmed with Eventbrite that you're attending), you are not on the guest list and will be refused entry to the event. Tickets have all been emailed out to attendees and should be brought to the venue for verification.

The Gamescom Meet is one of our most popular ones, and we do apologise for not being able to host our entire community there. Please always make sure you check your inbox and spam folders when signing up to these events, as tickets go very quickly.
Hello all!

We are thrilled to confirm we will be attending Gamescom this August and, as is tradition, it wouldn't be Gamescom for us without our Frontier Community Meet, where you can connect with other members of our communities, enjoy free food and drink and have a great time with us!

If you...
  • Are available on the evening of 22 August, 2019 (Thursday)
  • Can make it to the Lindt Chocolate Factory in Cologne, Germany
...then we'd love it if you could join us at our Frontier Community Meet! The event is on a first come, first served basis, as the venue has a limited capacity.

To join us, all you need to do is sign up and request your tickets via this Google Form. You will then receive an email through Eventbrite asking you to confirm your tickets; you cannot attend the event without your Eventbrite confirmation and tickets! Tickets are free but you must be over 18 to be allowed into the venue. You can reserve up to three tickets per person, but should you need more tickets or have any questions, please email us directly at with the email subject "Frontier Community Meet Gamescom 2019".

We can't wait to have a fun evening with you all!

*Please note that this event is separate from Gamescom and does not include access to the convention itself.
what time will the event happen?
everything is as usual, simple communication, there will be no announcements.
it will be a failure, because they talked about it on lavecon. I have a ghostly hope that they will talk about carriers and the December update. but most likely they won’t tell anything at all. ;):)
they didn’t even indicate the time of the event, which means that there are no streams or what else is likely to happen, and the event itself is designed for battle fanboys, who will come there not to learn something new, but to devour them for free. :sneaky:(y):giggle:
Good morning,

i would like to say "Thank you" for this great event. As always it was nice to meet nice commanders, have a reasonable amount of drinks 🍻 and a tremendous amount of food
The suprise reveal was the cherry on top (y)
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