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Hello everyone,

In a similar fashion to our Lavecon 2019 reveals, we wanted to give all of you who couldn't join us at our Gamescom Frontier Community Meet a rundown of all the details that just dropped... or should we say hauled in here by the aid of... a Fleet Carrier!

December Update - The FLEET CARRIER Update

The news you've been waiting for... Fleet Carriers.

Take a peek below at the initial details about Fleet Carriers, coming as the December Update.

  • Purchasable with a large amount of credits.
  • One Fleet Carrier per Commander. Available for base game and Horizons players.

  • Fleet Carriers have a total of 16 Landing Pads, composed of:
    • 8 Large
    • 4 Medium
    • 4 Small
  • Set permissions to allow others to dock at your Fleet Carrier.

  • All Fleet Carriers feature rearm, refuel and repair services.
  • Commanders can choose a number of loadouts for their Fleet Carrier, governing services/module and ship availability to support a number of different activities, such as:
    • Bounty Hunter
    • Mercenary
    • Pirate
    • Trader
    • Smuggler
    • Miner
    • Explorer
    • Search and Rescue

  • 500 LY jump range (per jump)
  • Schedule jumps from the Galaxy Map when you want and from wherever you are in the galaxy.
  • Commanders require a unique resource to fuel the Fleet Carrier in order for it to jump.

We'll be delving deeper into Fleet Carriers and all they can do in upcoming livestreams and forum posts later this year!

September Update


For those of you who have been stranded out in the black and somehow missed it, here's also a super-duper QUICK recap of the September Update.
  • This year's updates are focused on improving the starter experience for new commanders. We're adding a fully-voiced, in-game, in-ship tutorial, covering the basics of space flight, combat, traveling and scanning. Also, this experience is available in all of our in-game supported languages! Speaking of you veterans, you'll be able to access this from your right-hand panel at any time so you won't even need to wipe your save!
  • In addition, we'll be reworking and rebranding what some of you might know as Frontier Points, introducing them as Arx. These Arx will be purchasable and used to buy Game Extras such as Paint Jobs, Ship Kits, Bobbleheads and more. What's great about Arx is that you will be able to earn them in-game by... simply playing the game!
The September Update will be launched 18 September for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!

Fly safe, Commanders!

Greetings Commanders,

The Gamescom Fleet Carrier Reveal was such an exciting moment for us, and after reading through your feedback, we can see that it was also exciting for you! We wanted to take this opportunity to answer some of your questions, keeping in mind that we will be revealing more about Fleet Carriers, closer to the December Update.

Will Fleet Carriers jump on the Thursday Server tick?
Fleet Carriers will not be restricted to the Thursday server tick in order to jump.

Can you clarify what 'unique' resources are?
It will be a new commodity, which can be mined or bought from certain starports. We will be exploring this in more detail in a future livestream closer to the December Update.

Will Fleet Carriers be bought with Arx?
No, Fleet Carriers will not be purchasable with Arx.

Can we customise our Carriers?
Yes, Fleet Carriers can be customised, but this is something we are going to be looking at in livestreams closer to the Decembers Update's launch.

Can Squadron members contribute to the cost?
The cost for a Fleet Carrier will come from the single commander who owns the carrier. Squadron members will not be able to contribute.

Is the Fleet Carrier restricted to the 'Bubble'?
Fleet Carriers can be purchased from certain systems and can travel outside of 'Human Space', providing they have the fuel to do so.

Where can I buy Fleet Carriers?
Fleet Carriers are purchased from certain systems, which we will look further into during our 'deeper dive' livestream.

Do Fleet Carriers work in Solo?
Fleet Carriers will work and operate in all game modes, so Open, Solo, and Private Groups.

Are Fleet Carriers destructible, and can they defend themselves?
Fleet Carriers are not destructible, but they can defend themselves and other nearby ships.

Do the loadouts have a practical effect in-game?
We will be delving deeper into loadouts, and Support Vessels in later livestreams.

Can you sell Fleet Carriers?
Fleet Carriers can be scrapped, however, it will be for fewer credits than the original purchase amount.

Will a commanders Fleet Carriers persist when logging in and out?
Fleet Carriers are persistent and will remain in the game regardless of whether or not the owner is online.

Can you change the type of carrier you have?
The 'type' of Fleet Carrier that you have is determined by the Support Vessel assigned to it, which in turn, determines its loadout. As mentioned above, this is something we will be talking about in a future stream.

Can Fleet Carriers jump into permit-locked systems?
No, Fleet Carriers will not be able to jump into permit-locked systems.

We hope this gives you an initial insight into Fleet Carriers. Do keep in mind that Fleet Carriers will be released in the December Update, and we will be showing off more about them in livestreams and forum posts closer to its launch. Thank you all for your feedback and questions, and we can't wait to reveal more as time goes on.


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