Ships Gap in ships tiers

I think there's a great gap after the 30-50 millions cost ships. The last good ship is the Python (wich is still barely in that tier). After that, we have Type-9 at 76 millions and Beluga at 84 millions. Two very focused ships (and not used as much as many others), and the only two before we can enter the Next tier (100 - 200 millions). The problem is I think we don't have many choices after the Python, isn't it?
I hope we will have more options in the next future. I'm a Krait mk2 owner (very good ship, indeed), but I suppose I have to wait to get 150 - 200 millions before changing my ship. That's the problem.
The buying price is one.. But outfitting makes the value of a ship quadruple if you go all out. A cutter can go to one billion. Yes there is a gap but it also depends a lot on how you outfit your ship.
Perhaps the issue is more about choices of activities & ships to fit those. More expensive isn't necessarily better (often much worse!) - so the 'tier' concept isn't quite right imo.
If it's just purely pricing tiers though; I see what you mean. Markets often make little sense :D
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