[FEDERATION] GARD - Galactic Animus Research Division [FED][BGS][PvP][LAWFUL][CASUAL/HARDCORE]

Welcome to The Black Beluga, recruit; home of the legendary Enforcer squadron, GARD.

You know who GARD are or you probably wouldn't be here, but for those that don't, we are the protectors of the galaxy, champions of light and justice, fighting evil wherever it may be found, not just in Federation space.

We are Fed at the core, simply because Earth and Sol are in Federation space, we have no particular love, or hate, for the other superpowers, but we will protect Earth and the seat of humanity at any cost. Our motto 'Ad Maius Bonum' means 'For the Greater Good' which tells anyone everything they need to know about GARD.

We want all kinds of recruits, from hardcore pvpers to the cariest of solo pve carebears, EVERYONE can play a role at GARD if they want to, or just fly the flag.

We only have one rule...be great. Being great has nothing to do with your combat, flight, outfitting or engineering performance. It's all about who we are. We smile and salute at strangers, we take our licks like men (or screaming like stuck pigs, but we take them anyway), we protect the innocent, we right wrongs, but above all we fly with respect and treat our fellow squadron members as trusted friends. We have some excellent pilots, but no airs and graces, all GARD pilots are equal.

Here is a short recruitment presentation, when it's finished, the sign up forms are over there (points to a dog-eared ledger that looks like it's been in more wars than Jameson's Cobra).


GARD was activated to be the Watchmen of the Federation, following the Coup by Alliance forces in Ross 128 in 3303, the subsequent 'liberation' of Ross 128 and the Warren Prison Mine.

Initially, GARD was nothing more than a research group, the brainchild of a retired Federal Navy black ops Colonel, tasked with observing insurgencies in Federation space and forming counter strategies.

Rumour has it that several plans to retake major Federation assets that had been lost due to inaction or incompetence, were put forward to Federal leaders by GARD, but the current climate of Federal indifference led to none of these plans or intel reports being acted upon.

Frustrated, GARD slowly repurposed itself for field operations and behind the scenes conducted recruitment and training involving some of the finest pilots and strategists in the Federation. In mid 3304 they emerged, stating "if nobody else is willing to protect Earth, GARD will", along with the slogan Ad Maius Bonum. This was quickly followed up by execution of their first major operation, at the end of 3304 the daring and successful Reclamation of Ross 128. With that victory in hand, GARD is now turning its attention to other goals in the core Fed systems.

The Federation is, so far, turning a blatantly blind eye to GARD's activities, assumedly due to their connections and the simple reality that GARD is a convenient problem to have, having already shown the willingness and skill to cut through the red tape and accomplish major objectives that other more official units didn't dare touch.

Some witnesses have also reported seeing GARD ships present at trade hotspots, where they are warning undesirables not to interfere with legal trade and shipping or face the consequences.

Reports suggest they are always recruiting and use a dropbox for communications at edgard.enjin.com. If you want to learn more, that's a good place to start.


What we do...

GARD is a cross platform (primarily PC) squadron with over 45 registered members.

We are also cross region with a good split of US/European members.

We have a number of ongoing PvE operations (BGS concerns, changing who controls which systems by influence, by misdirection and by plasma accelerator. Some of us are doing high level pvp (anti-griefing). We have a few good pvp pilots, and we are willing to provide training to anyone who seeks it. We can turn you into a pvp monster with our strong theorycrafting (shipbuilding) and tactical knowledge if that's what you're after, but pvp does not only mean dogfighting, we understand the value of teaching traders and explorers how to escape and frustrate other players. We have two rather informal pvp practice sessions per week, which are, like everything at GARD, completely opt-in and voluntary. Promising pvp combat commanders are invited to wing training which we do in conjunction with other lawful groups.

Casual members who just want to fly the flag and share in the glory are always welcome. There is no obligation on any pilot to engage in GARD objectives, we have plenty of volunteers for conflict if needed, hardened battle scarred heroes that live from Conflict Zone to Conflict Zone. We also need other kinds of players to enrich the tapestry of the squadron beyond just combat.

We do not require or expect our members to play in any particular game mode, anyone can contribute, even from solo.

We are also involved in the politics and the intelligence community around the BGS as well as the lawful vs outlaw pvp community (let's face it, it's cops and robbers in space, lol). If you'd like to start taking the game more seriously and playing the real endgame content, we'll be thrilled to help you get into that. If you just want to roll around the bubble being proud to wear GARD tags, that's cool too!


GARD Resources and joining procedure...

Primary headquarters: https://edgard.enjin.com
Inara squadron: https://inara.cz/squadron/4337/
Discord (read below before joining or you'll just spend time in a holding area while you complete the signup procedure): https://discord.gg/NzT6Jjs

Joining Procedure:

We apologise for requiring 2 separate registrations, but as a lawful group, we need to be careful of infiltration, and these go some way toward assisting with that. There is no evaluation process WE ACCEPT ALL APPLICATIONS THAT FOLLOW THIS PROCEDURE! If you turn out to be a , you won't last long, it's that simple!

1) Register and post a friendly but not necessarily detailed introduction at our HQ. The Enjin forum is our primary method of distributing critical squadron information which is why all members are required to register. The forum is rich with information on various aspects of the game and getting richer. After posting an introduction (click on 'Forum' from the main page and then 'General Discussion' and look for the sticky Introductions thread) you will be given full access to other areas.

2) Apply to join the squadron on Inara. This is a control at least for PC players that helps ensure that members likely relate to real in-game accounts.

3) Once this has been done, join the discord and ping someone to get full access to the resources at the Black Beluga.

GARD is looking forward to meeting you soon and either putting your skills to good use, or helping you take your Elite game to the next level if that's something you'd like to do.

o7 CMDRs. Ad maius bonum!

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Join the thin black line between good and evil today.

We are particularly looking for strong PvPers (as well as those who want to learn), to assist in core system defense from griefers, as well as Thargoid specialists. We are always looking for new casual members to enrich the squadron with their personalities and their own personal narratives.
To any would-be recruits,

If you're looking for a friendly, lawful, federation squadron, this is the one to be in. There's so much knowledge here!
I've been in the squadron since... Um...a while! (6+ months I think!)
Since then, I've learned loads, absolutely loads, about engineering, material gathering and outfitting.
I've been introduced to PvP, and beat two of our better members, in friendly duels.

I shall not mention how many times I lost... :p
But, it's far less than I've lost to Thargoids. 😁
Yes, we also do AX!

I've also picked up some BGS knowledge, and now the BGS is only slightly confusing, but we do have BGS experts to help guide our squadron.
We recently just finished one of the most fun wars I've ever taken part in. We lost, but it was still epic fun.

So if you're looking for a squadron, that can do anything, come join us today!
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