GCS Sarasvati - early Thargoid lookout megaship

No, FD seem to be as bad with rumours as they are with clues! 😉
As I said some of us did a search about a year ago and I seem to remember there was a list of visited systems posted on this thread to cut down on repetition.
Edit: yes, though almost 2 years ago looking at the date-ModishNouns started it here: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/index.php?threads/gcs-sarasvati-early-thargoid-lookout-megaship.380074/post-5989058
Ya i remember doing a nebula search back then. I seem to remember the search was centered at a distance from sol though. Oh well... I looked in Wredguia OV-X C14-6 and a couple others last night. Will have to see about updating it.
I'l have a nosey around HIP 40225 - you never know - might find something of interest :)

Oh, don't suppose anyone ever had any info on the possible jump range of these ships ?
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Hmmm well my amazing discovery for the evening is that im an idiot ( there have been hints at this prior)... I now know why none of the features seem to update on my codex...... I wasnt using the filthy composition scanner so nothing I found was getting recorded.... gerrrrrrrr

I will get the hang of this new system about the time they change it again...
Don't suppose it triggered anything of interest ?
Didn't find anything of note over by HIP 40225 , at least not yet. I'm now poking about in the Pleiades - trying to find where systems with non human signal sources fade out and see if there is anything on the "margins" - especially toward "guardian" space.
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