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I have had connection issues with testing 'GeForce Now'. I was wondering about the expierences fellow ED commanders have had with 'GeForce Now'. Does it support HOTAS? Also, is they any way is can allow legitimate third party ED apps such as EDMC?

I would be very interested in your views.
Did not work when it was in beta with hotas'es... ( have not used it since it not beta as its only been a few days..)
It not a remote desk top viewing app its a full video reencoder and interface access code is completely change to push the commands over Ethernet cable...
The Gforce app has to be coded to read every USB device convert it to go over ethernet and then convert it back to the first host device... Hotas was not supported....

Steering wheels don't work so Hotas are likely way lower down the list..
I've only tested it with a gamepad, was too lazy to connect my HOTAS setup. As for connection issues, I didn't have any, but GeForce Now made me realise how "laggy" Elite is ;-) For external tools, you're out of luck. You're basically connecting to a tightly controlled virtual machine instance. The only ones who can do anything about it are Nvidia.
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